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3 New Ways To Wear Blush

Mixing and matching formulas can help you get your glow on.

You have to mix it up, Cosmo girls—especially when it comes to your blush. Here are a few fresh techniques on how to maximize the different cheek-enhancing formulas in the beauty market, so you can score the perfect flush.

Technique 1: Blend Two Colors
A darker peach and a fresh pink hue would look amazing on Pinay skin tones and it’s a great way to add more dimension to your cheeks. Use an angled blush brush to apply the darker hue over the hollows of your cheeks. Next, use a fluffy cheek brush to lightly blend the pink blush over the same area and carefully extend it towards your apples. It’s a subtle, less obvious way of contouring your face. 

Technique 2: Choose The Best Finish.
Shimmer or matte? Choose this based on the occasion and your skin type. If your skin is oily or if you’re going to a big event where you’ll be taking lots of photos, matte powder formulas are best. “Shimmer is nice for the beach,” says makeup artist Jasmine Mendiola. “But if you have enough time, you can actually use both. Apply shimmer sparingly on the upper cheekbone and use a matte blush for the apples.”

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Technique 3: Layer Different Formulas For More Lasting Power.
Is your cheeky glow gone by the time lunch hits? Try this: Start by applying a cream, gel, or liquid formula over the apples of your cheeks. Then if you want a sunkissed glow, swirl on some a bronzer to add more warmth to your skin. But if your beauty goal is a rosy, natural-looking flush, then just pat on a peachy-pink blush over your liquid or cream base to ensure an all-day glow.

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