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4 Beauty Things You Can Do With A Spoolie Brush

What do you mean you don't own one?

One way you can really get your money’s worth out of makeup is to make it multitask. The same principle goes for your makeup tools. Here, we give you four ways you can use your spoolie. (Don't know what a spoolie is? Read: The Clueless Girl's Guide To Makeup Brushes)

1. Brow tamer
After filling in your brows, take your spoolie and run it through your arches. Doing this blends your brow product and distributes the color evenly, so you get a more natural look. Tip: Buy brow pencils that come with a spoolie on the other end!

2. Baby hair fixer
Don't you hate it when your baby hair stick up on your crown despite using a serum? Apply hairspray on your spoolie, and then use it to smooth out your hair.

3. Lash de-clumper
Let’s get this straight: spider lashes are not sexy. So next time you're left with super clumpy lashes, let the mascara dry first. Once it has set, take your spoolie and use it to detangle your coated lashes. Gently wiggle it from side to side, and your lashes will separate nicely.

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4. Lip exfoliator
To get smooth and kissable lips, gently rub your flaky and damp lips with your clean spoolie. To make it less abrasive, try wetting your spoolie brush first. 

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