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4 Effective Tips For Avoiding Summer Makeup Meltdown beauty columnist and makeup artist Bianca Valerio teaches you how to make your summer looks last in this heat.

If there's one thing we love about summer, it's having fun in the sun! The downside? Makeup meltdown! Women in tropical countries like ours are especially prone to this, as the intense humidity combined with the hyperactive effects of global warming increase the chances of our freshly applied makeup fading, or worse, melting away in just a few hours.

If you've been struggling to make your makeup last longer in this hot weather, you can stop worrying now. Here are some effective tips for keeping your face looking fresh for hours on end:

1. Oil-free is key.

Oil-free makeup and moisturizers are water-based and the best formulation to use in humid weather because your pores won't feel too clogged with moisturizing or oil-based ingredients. Make sure to opt for oil-free products--from your sunscreen to your foundation and concealer--to make them last longer.

2. Look prim with primer.

There are several types of primers out there, so choose one that's specifically made for anti-shine or mattifying purposes. Before sunscreen, apply it on the T-zone, where there are more oil glands. If you're prone to extreme oiliness, skip powder primers and look for gel or silicone-based primers that are more concentrated and powerful.

3. Ready, get set!

Looking dewy is sexy, but looking oily is just disgusting! Make sure to set your liquid or cream-based foundation and concealer with powder. This will keep the makeup from sliding and ultimately disappearing from your face.

4. Less is best.

Having to retouch every few minutes (read: constantly covering up creases, smears, and shine on your face) is not only a hassle, but it also distracts others. Rather than looking effortless, you end up looking like a mess! So, if you don't need to pile on the products, keep them at a bare minimum. You can survive with just concealer, powder, eyelash curler, and tinted lip balm.

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