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4 Ways To Make Sure You Look Flawless In Your Driver's License

We have never met anyone who looked good in ANY government-issued ID photo. You can be the first.

You're technically not allowed to wear any makeup when you take photos for government-issued IDs, but here are a couple of simple makeup tweaks so it looks like you're not wearing makeup, even if you sorta are. 

1. Improve your kilay game.
You will read this advice a million times in a a million different websites and magazines. But this advice is golden and it is a beauty #law. Next time you head to a brow salon, ask the technician to just remove the stray hairs around your brows, so you still get full arches. You'll be amazed at how a little threading here and there can transform and brighten your face.

We recommend setting an appointment at Browhaus (eyebrow threading starts at P598), because their technique is sooo flawless, you will not shed a tear.

2. Use brown eyeliner.
Black eyeliner is severe and totally obvious, so use brown eyeliner on your lower lashline to give your eyes subtle definition.


3. Focus on your eyes.
Ditch the heavy eyeshadow (it won't be seen, anyway!), and just focus on your lashes. Use an eyelash curler first, before piling on two layers of black, no-clump mascara.

4. Use lipstick on your cheeks.
Lip mousse or lip stain will be too light to look obvious in photos, so we suggest dabbing a little bit of red lipstick on your cheeks to get a nice flush.

5. Now go use that same red lipstick on your puckers.
But don't fill them in. Use your fingers to dab a little bit of pigment on your lips, and then blend. It's pointless to use a neutral lip color, because it just won't be seen in the photo.

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