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5 Beauty Multi-Taskers You Should Have In Your Car

Get maximum use from these products.

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Here’s a life hack every Cosmo girl should know: keep a small kikay kit filled with your trusty multitasking beauty products to make touchups and beauty emergencies a breeze!

Here's five of our favorite beauty multitaskers:

1. A nude eyeshadow quad

Eyeshadow palettes are convenient and practical, because the shades have already been expertly-matched with each other. With a nude eyeshadow quad, you can create light day eye looks to dramatic evening looks easily. Bonus: the shadows can also be used on your brows and cheeks! 

 2. Lip stain

Left your favorite red lipstick at home? No problem! Just add more layers of your red lip stain to achieve your signature red lip. You can also dot it on your cheeks and blend it out with your clean fingers for sweet flushed cheeks.

3. Your favorite fragrance

Boost your mood by spritzing on your favorite fragrance just before you head out to dinner. You can even spray a bit of it on your hair. 

4. Blotting Paper

Not only will it zap excess oil from your face, it can also be used to refresh your greasy roots!

5. Cream eyeshadow

Pick a champagne cream shadow—it’s very versatile. Use it as a pretty wash of color on your lids, as highlighter on the high points of your face, and even to add shine and dimension on the center of your lips.


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