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5 Life-Changing Kilay Tips We Learned From A Pro

Listen to the pros!

We’re always looking for new ways to do our brows. That’s why when we had the chance to talk about all things kilay with K-Palette Japan makeup artist Yuko Kameyama, we took it as our opportunity to get some pro-approved beauty advice.

1. The only way to make your brow liquid work is to apply it the right way.

Yuko-san says the best way to begin using a brow liquid pen is by starting on the arch and then working your way out towards the tail of the brow. Then you can begin filling in the inner half of your brow with either a pencil or powder brow product.

2. Start with a light hand.

Many people are scared to use brow liquids because they think that the pigmentation is as heavy as liquid eyeliner. JSYK, IT’S NOT. Brow liquids are actually thinner and lighter than liquid eyeliner, so it’s very hard to mess it up instantly. “The very fine brush of the brow liquid helps you draw hair-like strokes in between your natural brow hairs. The light ink makes it possible for you to build it up later on. Never make one solid line on your brows,” she said.

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3. We were right about brow mascara application!

Remember our life-changing tip on how to apply brow mascara? Yuko-san says we were correct! That technique will enable you to coat each brow hair with the product. She also says to be careful not to let the product touch your skin, because it is meant to coat your brows, after all.

4. You never want angry-looking eyebrows.

“Don’t think of drawing on brows. Think of filling them in," says Yuko-san. Big, thick strokes of your products are also a huge no-no. She also explains that super sharp and perfect-looking brows make you look angry and too made up. She suggests using brow powder to blur the edges of the brows a little for a more natural look.

5. This is the genius way to find the right brow shade for you.

Trust us, you haven’t heard this one before.

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