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5 Makeup Tips Every Girl On A Budget Should Know

Go for products that do double duty!

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Many of us highly consider beauty products as something we want to treat ourselves with. Whether it's a foundation that promises to give you a flawless skin finish or a tube of lipstick that appeared on a popular K-drama, new makeup gives us a thrill you can't quite compare to anything else.

It only makes sense to want to get the most use out of them, given the money you shell out for these prettifying buys. When you're faced with low supply or a beauty accident, try these hacks instead of tossing your favorite makeup:

Foundation running out? Add moisturizer to extend its life.

Since foundation is usually the priciest item in your makeup kit, it can be disheartening to discover that what was once a full bottle is already down to its last drops. To get more wear out of this precious product, pour a few drops of facial moisturizer into the bottle and shake thoroughly. You now have a tinted base that's perfect for low-key no-makeup days.

Revive dry mascara with hot water.

Mascara has a shelf life of three months, but if yours has gone flaky and dry even before it's due for replacement, resuscitate it with this simple hack. Place the tube in a mug of hot water. Let it rest for a few minutes to allow the formula to heat up and soften. Et voila—smooth, clump-free mascara that's practically good as new!

Transfer broken lipsticks into small pots.

This hack is also great for worn-down bullets—you'll be surprised at the amount of product you can get when you separate them from their tubes. For this trick, you need to scoop out the lipstick and place it on a metal spoon. Warm up the bottom of the spoon with the flame from a lighter until the wax completely melts. Lastly, carefully pour the liquid into a small clean pot and store it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Restore cracked powders with alcohol.

Dropped your beloved highlighter? Though you can actually break it further until it becomes loose powder, you can also easily repair powder products if you don't fancy the mess that comes with fine mixtures. With the powder in its original container, pour a few drops of alcohol until you get a paste. Then, flatten and smoothen the paste with the back of a spoon. Allow it to dry and solidify before using it again.

Seek out double-duty makeup products.

Get more mileage out of your hard-earned cash by purchasing cosmetics that have multiple uses. If lip products are your go-to makeup treat, you'll love the Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner. It's a thin, retractable lip pencil that saves you the hassle of sharpening, and it allows you to precisely shape and define your lips with ease. It'll also prevent your lippie from bleeding and help it stay put.

Even better, this pencil is so creamy and deeply pigmented that you can use it on its own. No need to bring around a million lip products—you can rely on just one of the Matte Lip Liners to get you the color and longevity you want.

Available in 12 hues and for P120 each, they're so slim that you can tote several in your bag! Try Vamp Red for a seductive look-at-me pout, Mirrored Mocha for an everyday MLBB color, Toast of New York for an edgy '90s vibe, and Dusk for a holiday-ready burgundy lip.

Find Ever Bilena’s Matte Lip Liners plus other great products on their official Lazada store, and follow Ever Bilena on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

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