5 Things We Hate Hearing When We Don't Wear Makeup

Just let our bare faces be, please.

We'll say this in the most polite way we can. If you have nothing nice to say, just zip it—that goes for both girls and naïve guys. Please let our resting faces be and avoid the following:

"Did you just wake up?"

What we really feel: Don't you know "I woke up like this" is a trend?

Everyone looks like this the first few hours in the morning, no need to point it out.

"Are you sick?"

What we really feel: I'm at work, right? If I were sick I would've stayed home where my duvet is heaven.

Check if the person is sneezing or coughing before you even dare to ask such a question.

"Are you stressed?" a variation of "You look haggard" and "You look tired"

What we really feel: Yes I am, and you are the cause.

Sometimes the reason girls don't wear makeup on hell days is because it's the least of their worries. Don't remind them that they are in fact drowning in work. 

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"OMG! Did you cry? Are you okay?"

What we really feel: No, I did not. But if I did you can be damn sure that I'll do my best to cover it up.

If the person really did cry, she wouldn't want to let the whole office floor know.

"Where did your eyebrows go?"

What we really feel:  I have none okayyy, nada! The one time I forget to put on my brows and you just had to notice it.

An extremely sensitive topic. A word of advice, don't ever mess with a woman who forgot to put them on. 

Think before you speak.

Just needed to let out the #feels. 


This article originally appeared on Stylebible.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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