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5 Ways This P180 Lipstick Can Make You Look Better in Your Selfies

You’ll be racking up the likes left and right.
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Posting selfies on Instagram is a fun way to show off your #FOTD, and what better way to step your look up than with a cute lippie? Careline Kiss Sticks comes in 12 shades and has a small, retractable tip for precision and easy experimentation. Check out these cool ways you can wear the Kiss Sticks to step your IG game up.

1. Perfectly Lined

For a strong, statement look, line your lips and fill them in with a bold, opaque color. The Kiss Sticks come with a built-in sharpener, so they can double as your lip liner and lip color. This works most especially on big days, like when you need to speak in front of a crowd or meet someone important.

2. Blotted Out

Instead of the usual perfectly-lined lip, swipe your lippie on straight from the tube, while trying to avoid the edges of your lips. Press your puckers together to blot the color, and run a Q-tip or your pinkie over your lip line to smudge color just at the edges. Try this technique with a warm red shade like All Day for a sultry, effortless look.  

3. Ombré

Feeling the K-pop fever? You’re obviously an ombré girl. All you need are two lip shades in the same color family. Concentrate a darker shade—try a cool toned red like Lady Like—in the middle of your mouth, then swipe a lighter one—maybe a pinkish nude like Lucid—around it. Smack your lips together to blend the colors into a seamless ombré.

4. Two-Toned

Here’s an extra edgy look for when you’re feeling a little more adventurous: two different lip colors for the upper and lower lips. You can experiment with matching shades, or create contrast with complementary colors. Try matching a vivid lilac color, like the shade Mantra, with a bright pink, like the shade Fruit Punch, for an electrifying look.  

5. All Over

You may have noticed that some lipstick shades seem like they were meant to be used as a makeup multiple. Match your lips with your cheeks and eyes by dabbing your lippie onto those areas. You’ll look effortlessly cute with this monochrome look.

With a pigmented, matte finish, a convenient sharpener, and antioxidants to keep your lips soft and hydrated, Careline Kiss Sticks can be an excellent addition to your lipstick collection.

To learn more, check out Careline’s Facebook page.

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