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6 Beauty Problems Every Pale Girl Has And How To Fix Them

Nude lippies make you look sick AF.

1. Finding the perfect foundation shade is nearly impossible.

Because the lightest shade is NEVER your color. It's always too pink or too yellow.

The fix: Mix two foundations to create the perfect shade. If you get a shade that’s lighter, blend it out as best as you can, then sweep on some bronzer to add warmth.

2. Wearing a black smoky eye just makes you look sad and unhappy.

Black can look so harsh against your pale skin, you almost always end up looking like Morticia from The Addams Family.

The fix: Opt for soft brown hues on your eyes. If you want to go darker, work in some chocolate brown shades on your crease to add depth. For your liner, use a deep brown shade instead of charcoal.

3. Spending a few minutes under the sun will make you look like a tomato.

~*flushed cheeks*~

The fix: Slather on SPF, because the last thing you want is your skin stinging and peeling from sunburn. Remember to pick sunscreen that suits your skin type: oil-free or gel type of those with oily skin, while a creamier kind for those with dry skin.


4. Nude lippies make you look sick AF.

Yeah, this trend wasn't so fun for you.

The fix: Select one with a rosy pink undertone, which will add a subtle color to your puckers. Consider the finish of the lippie, too. Matte lipsticks can be drying, so we recommend lipsticks with a soft satin finish for healthy looking puckers.

5. When you break out, the whole world knows it.

That red pimple against your porcelain skin? Yeah, not too happy with that.

The fix: The key to getting rid of acne is to act fast. Get yourself a potent anti-acne treatment and apply it before bedtime. Remember, spot treatments go on last.

6. You can’t get away with putting on *just* a few things on your face.

Bronzer is life.

The fix: Try cool or neutral-toned bronzers—or foundations if regular bronzers are too dark—to add glow and dimension to your face.

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