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7 Beauty Products To Store In Your Fridge

Just don't confuse it with the mayo.

Beauty junkies have gone beyond just mastering the shelf life of makeup. Following the old school advice of their moms and lolas, some store their favorite beauty products in the refrigerator. Even makeup guru Michelle Phan refrigerates her essentials.

We turned to beauty editors for enlightenment and experimented on our own by storing beauty products in a section of our fridge. We even purchased a cosmetics chiller from Suesh for the main purpose of storing our precious beauty essentials.

After months of experimenting (and almost confusing that tube of hair goo for ketchup), we’ve answered the question, “Should we store our beauty products in the fridge?”

Yes, but not all products.

In general, beauty products should be stored in room temperature, which is roughly 70°F or 20 to 23.5°C. Obviously that doesn’t apply to typical Philippine weather, especially during our scorching summer days. Like food, keeping beauty products above room temperature can shorten its lifespan. The non-freezer part of the fridge is about 4°C, while the door shelf section is the “warmest” at 15°C, so keeping your some of your products stored there is better than leaving them in the bathroom where it can get hot and humid.

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But there are cons. Like extreme heat, cold temperature can change the formulation and consistency of your products, especially the oil-based ones. We made the mistake of storing a tube of sunblock in our fridge for months. When we were ready to take it to the beach, the oil had separated from the creamy white portion and we had to remix it on our hands before applying on our face.

Through trial and error, we made a list of beauty products that are safe to store in the fridge:

1. Facial mists. Whether you’re using it as a makeup primer, setting spray, or to simply cool down on a hot day, it feels more refreshing when it’s cold, so go ahead and chill your favorite facial mist in the fridge.

2. Organics. They lack preservatives and will perish faster than the average beauty product. Keep those organic moisturizers and lotions stored in the personal fridge next to your bed until you’ve used up the whole container.

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3. Products with active ingredients. This includes vitamin C-infused moisturizers, eye creams, anti-aging serums, and other beauty products with medicinal elements. Storing them in the fridge protects them from oxidation. Chilled eye cream will also de-puff and soothe your undereye area.

4. Broken lipstick, balms, and pencils. If your lippie broke or melted under the sun, chilling it for a few minutes will bring back its normal consistency. But don’t go beyond a few minutes of refrigerating. Once you’ve left it in the fridge for hours, you have to keep storing it there until you’ve used it up. Returning it to normal or high temps will make it expire faster.

5. Nail polish. While refrigeration will extend your nail polish’s shelf life, the formula may get clumpy and you’ll have to thaw and shake the bottle of polish before it’s ready to be applied smoothly.

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6. Face masks. Like eye creams, it’s a good idea to chill your facial masks (especially the paper kind) before use. When you’re having a stressful day, just pamper yourself with a cold facial mask after a hot shower.

7. Perfume. If you’re the type who owns several bottles of perfume and won’t be able to use them up in two to three years (the typical shelf life of perfumes), then keep them in the fridge to prolong the lifespan to five. It will also make spritzing more refreshing during hot days.

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