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7 Chinita-Friendly Ways To Wear Eyeliner, According To Celebs

Don't give up on that wing just yet!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mikkamarcaida, (RIGHT) Instagram/delosreyesjason

Anyone can make eyeliner work to their advantage, no matter their eye shape. As for you, lovely chinitas, there are tons of ways you can bring those peepers to life—from barely-there looks to all-out dramatic wings! Take notes from the celebs below for some (literally) eye-opening inspo:

1. Kim Chiu: Puppy liner

To keep your liner from hiding behind your lids, draw your wing downwards to create adorable puppy-like eyes. 

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2. Liz Uy: Thick wing

But if you really prefer a cat-like eye, commit to creating a line thick enough to appear beyond your monolids. 

3. Heart Evangelista: Semi-cut crease

For a subtle cut-crease, connect your winged liner halfway into your lower lashline. This will enhance the shape of your peepers without making them look smalleer! Afterwards, blend a dark eyeshadow in windshield wiper motions from the tip of your wing inwards.

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4. Camille Co: Tightlining

Tightlining is a flick-free option that'll emphasize the thickness of your lashes. To do it, grab a pencil liner and gently fill in the spaces of your eyelashes until no gaps are in sight. Add a bright-colored shadow on your lids to make your eyes pop even more!

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5. Angelica Panganiban: Defined lashline + Falsies

Another lash-defining option that's both wedding- and office-friendly is smudging dark brown eyeliner on your upper lashline and adding a pair of wispy falsies.

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6. Gabbi Garcia: Curved flick

Give your cat eye a curve instead of drawing it sharp and straight so it can avoid being tucked under your eyelids.

7. Alex Gonzaga: Colored lower lashline

Lining your lower lashes with a bright, metallic color will make you look wide awake in a jiffy. It eliminates the need to fuss around with your tricky upper lids, too!

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