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7 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Before A Night Out

From haggard to fresh, no sweat!
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There's no better way to shake off the stress from work than by painting the town red with your ladies on a Friday night. Getting some drinks and dancing the night away (if you're lucky, you might even meet a hottie or two!) is always so much fun. But before you can start celebrating, you first have to contend with the never-ending pile of deliverables at the office, the hellish Friday night traffic, and your tired, haggard, post-work face. Your fave club's dim lighting is not an excuse to show up looking hulas, girl! 

Freshening up after being cooped up in the office for at least eight hours can be an uphill battle, but it's the kind of challenge we never back down from. Here, we’ve compiled seven 
easy ways to primp and slick up for a night out, so you’ll never have to think twice about saying yes to every invitation. Who knows, you might just end up catching the eye of that cutie at the bar!


1. Dab away the oil quickly
Before you pile on your makeup, make sure that your canvas is clean and oil-free. Use oil-blotting sheets or thin tissues to dab away excess grease.

2. A little concealer is a game changer
Apply a bit of concealer under the eyes to brighten and refresh your look. You might have had a rough day at work, but that doesn't mean you have to look the part.

3. Touch up your eyeliner
Save time by using a powder eyeshadow over your eyeliner to smoke out your makeup and make your eyes pop.

4. Fake a flush
Left your bulky blush compact at home? Get a sexy flush in a snap by dotting your lipstick on your cheeks and blending it out with your fingers.

5. Create some curls 
No time to use hot tools? Twist your hair up in a bun for a few hours and let your locks loose again when it's time to party. Voila, instant sexy waves!

6. Spritz on your scent
Spray on your perfume on your pulse points: behind the earlobes, collar bones, inside elbows, wrists and hands. They're the best places to apply your pabango since the warmth of your body can make a scent stronger.

7. Mind your mouth
For budge-proof color, liquid lipstick is your best bet. With so many options to choose from, you're bound to find a flattering, kiss-proof hue that looks totally gorgeous on you! And in case you do get approached by a hottie, don’t forget to use a mouthwash that gives you minty-fresh breath that will last all night long. Use Colgate Plax Ice Infinity Mouthwash to get icy-cool fresh breath in-between brushings! It kills over 99% of bacteria and prevents bad breath 24/7 when used twice daily. Get that confidence to party all night without the burn!

Score fresher breath to boost your confidence to party all night with Colgate Plax Ice Infinity Mouthwash!

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