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7 Makeup Shopping Mistakes You're Probably Doing

Is that REALLY your shade of foundation?

1. Not taking the season into consideration.

Sure, we live in a tropical country, but remember that your complexion changes along with the seasons. During summer, you might need concealer and foundation that are a shade darker than what you regularly use since you're under the sun a lot.

2. Swatching foundation under fluorescent light.

Never ever test foundation under artificial light. Chances are, you’ll be walking away with a shade of foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone at all. Swatch the foundation on your neck area and examine it under natural light to see if it is your color. Our tip? Leave it on and walk around the mall first to let it set on your skin.

3. Testing products on the back of your hand.

Swiping on lipstick at the back of your hand will give you an idea of its pigmentation and finish, but it won’t show you how it will look like on your lips. Instead, ask the saleslady to disinfect the tube of lipstick and then swatch it on your lips. You can also opt to bring your own lip brush to apply it yourself. The same goes for foundation.

4. Immediately going for the largest size of the product.

If you’re repurchasing your trusty foundation, it’s fine. But if you’re only trying out a new product, it’s better to get the smallest size first. Makeup doesn’t come cheap, so make sure to assess the product before purchasing the biggest bottle. Tip: some counters offer free samples if you’re nice enough to the salesgirl. Don’t be dyahe to ask!


5. Not doing your research.

If you’re purchasing a product for the first time, read reviews on the Internet. Check out what people from all over the world are saying about it and take those into consideration before buying a product.

6. Not doing your makeup inventory.

This will lead to hoarding, you guys. Take note of all the things that you already have. Throw away all of the products that are expired or those that you’re no longer interested in.

7. Not reading the ingredient list.

Don’t skip this step if you want to save your skin. Be on the lookout for parabens (they end with the syllable “ben”), alcohol, petroleum, and artificial dyes and fragrances that may harm your skin.

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