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7 Reasons Why Guys Like Girls Who Wear Less Makeup

Your beauty products take up so much bathroom space.

1. We like to know what you REALLY look like. Sans the smoke and mirrors. Au naturel. You know, that face you wear when you’ve just woken up in the morning and haven’t even gotten around to brushing your teeth yet a.k.a. THE REAL YOU!

2. Lipstick stains on our face is cute, but sometimes we do have other engagements to attend to. You girls try attending an important office meeting only to be brutally teased for having kiss marks on your cheeks. It’s just a little embarrassing.

3. There’s a thin line between looking glamorous and looking like a streetwalker. You might think that caking that gunk on makes you look young and fresh. In reality, it sometimes reeks of desperation. So take it easy. Don’t go overboard with the cosmetics. 

4. Your beauty products take up so much bathroom space! Between all the BB creams, lippies, eyeshadows, and lash curlers, there’s no more room for our ONLY grooming essentials: deodorant and a toothbrush.

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5. Some makeup trends are just so ridiculous. It’s just difficult to tell you that your smoky eyes actually make you look like a sad panda. There, it’s been said.

6. In this scorching weather, we’re afraid it will melt away with your sweat and smear everywhere. Then people will think we had a huge fight and you’ve been crying and they’ll judge us accordingly.

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7. The sad truth: men really can’t tell (or care less) if you have any makeup on to begin with. And usually, if a man notices you’re wearing makeup, it’s not particularly for a good reason.

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