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8 Genius Hacks From Kylie Jenner's Birthday Beauty Video Tutorial

Take notes, girls, you're about to learn some valuable makeup tricks.

Kylie and her makeup artist Hrush Achemyan (who looks and sounds just like Kim, ironically enough) share tips for getting Kylie's birthday beauty look in a new video from Kylie's website/app that was also posted on YouTube for all the world to see. I watched it and was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the video was. Kudos, Kylie. Here are the eight tips I found most helpful:

​1. Do your eye makeup first before putting on any foundation or concealer. Achemyan doesn't explain why they do eyes before skin instead of the more common reverse order, but one can only assume that this helps with eye shadow fallout smudging on and messing up your foundation and concealer application. Genius.

2. Apply tape to the outer corner of your eyes before applying any eye shadow to create a sharp edge. Take a pinky-length amount of translucent tape and hold it diagonally so that it matches the angle of your eyebrow arch. Keeping that same angle, place it directly under your lower lash line to serve as a guide for your winged eye shadow application.


Then, use black eye shadow and smudge it out along the edge of the tape. When you're finished blending the black, remove the tape for a sharp, clean eye shadow-as-eyeliner look.

3. Use contour powders as eye shadows. Great news! Your favorite contour powders can double as eye shadows. Achemyan layered the Anastasia Beverly Hills "Java" and "Cinnamon" contour shades and blended them into the crease of Kylie's eyes.

4. Apply foundation on top of your illuminator instead of the reverse order. Before applying foundation, Achemyan​ applied the Koh Gen Do Foundation Illuminator (or the "strobing stuff" as Kylie calls it) on Kylie's cheekbones, the tip of her nose, bridge of her nose, and cupid's bow (areas where she won't be applying full powder), and then pressed it into her skin with a Beauty Blender sponge. This will create a more subtly illuminated lit-from-within look than if the illuminator were layered on top.

5. Use a darker foundation stick to contour. Foundation is a good substitute for a contouring product. Kylie doesn't need too much "correctional contour," Achemyan says, so she uses the Bobbi Brown Foundation in "Chestnut" to enhance her features instead. 

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6. Make your nose appear narrower by contouring the sides of it. Achemyan says "the thinner you make the line, the more narrow your nose is going to look."

7. To make your face look tanner, blend your contour lines with a brush that's been dipped in a cream bronzer. Instead of blending the contour product with a clean brush, Achemyan suggests dipping your brush in a product like Soleil Tan de Chanel first to add warmth while blending everything seamlessly. 

8. Layer an orange blush under your normal pink-colored blush to amplify it. Achemyan first applied Anastasia Contour L'Orange along her cheekbones and then pat Japonesque Blush in "#3" on top. This creates a universally flattering coral shade that looks like a natural flush.

Watch the full tutorial below (and note that they skip all the lip product application, so maybe that will be in a separate video to come?! One can only hope).​

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