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8 Makeup Rules You Can Definitely Break

Wearing red lips WON'T age you.

1. Stay away from blue eye makeup—it makes you look outdated.

Blue eye shadow was huge in the '90s, which is probably why people think wearing it is passé. But, the hue is so flattering on so many eye colors, that it’s such a waste not to use it. For a modern take, opt for blue eyeliners instead. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a punch of color to your look. Look at how Perrie Edwards did it:

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2. Wearing red lipstick will instantly age you.

We’ve all been told that wearing a red lippie is a no-no for young girls, because nakatatanda. If this is still your concern, look for berry red hues—they’re not as dramatic as true reds and as bold as blue reds. Nadine Lustre shows us how:

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3. Bold eyes and bold lips will never work together.

They say you should always focus on one feature to highlight. While that makes sense, so does going all out, especially if the occasion calls for it. Georgina Wilson shows us that the key to pairing a dramatic smoky eye with a bold lip is by choosing the right colors for your eye shadow.  Go for shades of brown and taupe, as opposed to grays and black.

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4. Make a fishy face to know where to place your blush.

You DON’T always have to place your blush on the apples of your cheeks, especially if you have a round face. Remember, the placement of your blush can affect your face shape. Take a cue from Coleen Garcia and apply your blush on the high point of your cheeks nearest the hairline. Diffuse the products downwards to create a soft contour.

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5. Lip liners were made to line the lips only.

For her winning look, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach lined and filled in her lips using two different lip liners and skipped lipstick completely. Let your products work double time for you!

6. Your brows should match the color of your hair.

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Having brows the same color as the hair on your head can look fake. When you get brow products, get a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your locks. Take it from Gigi Hadid.

7. If you don’t have full lips, stay away from dark lipsticks.

Not everyone is #blessed to have Kylie Jenner’s (artificially) full lips, but we did learn to over-line our lips from her. Use a dark lip liner to draw on your desired shape before going over it with a liquid lippie like Saab Magalona.  

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8. Don’t line your lower lash line if you don’t want to look Goth.

Lining your lower lash line correctly will actually open up your eyes more. Instead of lining it all the way, use a brown or gray waterproof liner, and apply it towards the outer corner. Yassi Pressman shows you how it's done. 

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