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9 Reasons Why Your Foundation Looks Really Bad

Your base can make or break your entire makeup look.

1. You used the wrong formula for your skin type. There are different types of foundation: powder, cream, and liquid. If you have oily skin, powders will help give you coverage and keep oil at bay. Opt for cream foundations if you have dry to very dry skin to keep your base from flaking and creasing. And if you’re lucky enough to have normal skin, you can easily work with liquid foundation. Of course, some brands also have foundations that are specifically targeted for your skin type. For example, several liquid foundations are made for oily skin, combination skin, and dry skin.

2. You don’t blend it properly. There has been a debate on whether you should apply your foundation upwards or downwards. We learned from a pro, however, that it depends on preference. The important thing is you blend it properly to make sure you don’t have any awkward streaks or patches on your skin.

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3. You don’t let your skincare set first before you apply foundation. You have to give your products time to be absorbed by the skin before moving on to your foundation. When you apply it immediately after your skincare products, you end up just dragging your foundation around, compromising its coverage and finish. 

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4. You still wear the wrong shade. Foundation that’s too light or too dark will never look good on anyone unless it’s for a costume. Get foundation that will even out your skin tone. If you’re left with foundation that’s just kind of your color, make it work for you by adding bronzer or highlighter.

5. You put it everywhere. Focus your foundation on the center of your face. Don’t slather it everywhere—that’s going to leave your skin looking flat and dull. Finish off your look with some bronzer and blush to warm up your skin tone.

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6. You’re not applying it right way. The tools you use matter. Liquids and creams adhere better to synthetic powder brushes, while natural-haired brushes pick up powder cosmetics better. Makeup sponges, like the Beauty Blender, also make for a flawless application. You can also use clean fingers to blend in makeup seamlessly.

7. It’s expired. This is the last thing you want near your face. If the oil has separated and the consistency has changed, toss it out.

8. You skipped primer. If you want your makeup to last throughout the day, primer is your best bet. Pick one that is suited for your skin’s needs: You're looking for magic words like "color-correcting," "pore minimizing," "brightening," or "mattifying."

9. You don’t take care of your skin. While it’s true that foundation and concealer can give you coverage and hide away blemishes, remember that they can’t magically erase them. Sometimes, makeup can make your skin worse. Monthly appointments with your dermatologist and facialist should never ever be skipped!

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