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Alex Gonzaga And Albert Kurniawan Are Here To Teach You An Everyday Makeup Look For Chinitas

If you have uneven eyes, he has the perfect trick for you!
PHOTO: Youtube/Albert Kurniawan

Albert Kurniawan has made a name for himself as one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the Philippines. Some of his star clients are Heart Evangelista, Kim Chiu, and Janella Salvador. He also has his own makeup line, Teviant.

Aside from being an an MUA and a beauty mogul, Albert has a YouTube channel filled with makeup tutorials. Since he is known for accentuating chinita eyes and creating a flawless, natural-looking base, people are always tuned in to his videos. Today, he blessed us with a tutorial with Alex Gonzaga, and in the video, he taught the basics of creating an everyday makeup look, which he referred to as "pa-fresh" or simple yet effortless.


We actually think this is one of our fave Albert videos yet because Alex kept on making funny side comments—just like the Alex we know and love! Their MUA-client rapport was also endearing to watch.

Anyway, back to business. Here are the key tips from Albert we can all apply in our daily makeup routines:

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  1. You should never skip moisturizer and primer.

    Albert and Alex emphasized the importance of prepping the face with moisturizer and primer. Alex said that wearing primer is important to avoid the makeup from penetrating your pores, especially when you have it on your skin for long hours.

  2. Always set with loose powder.

    Albert recommends to setting your foundation/tined moisturizer with a loose translucent powder. Compact powders are fine, but they may look thick when applied. Albert used a sponge to put the translucent powder and swept it with a face brush for an airbrushed finish.

  3. Blend the eyeshadow using circular motions.

    We're so used to blending the color on our lids in windshield wiper motion, but Albert favors diffusing the eyeshadow in small, circular motions, with the brush barely touching the skin. This way, the blending won't look muddy, and the hue will remain vivid and solid.

  4. Eyeliner is key.

    To open up the eyes, rimming the upper lids with eyeliner is a must. This defines the eye shape and gives the lashes a thicker appearance. If you're still iffy to use liquid liner, Albert advised to apply black eyeshadow with a small eyeshadow brush first. The subtle line will serve as reference base your liner. For the flick, Albert taught an easy way to create it. Simply close your eyes, and draw a short, straight line. No need to paint a wing—aka, no struggle to even it out.

  5. Try ~eyelid tape~ if you have uneven, hooded eyelids.

    Our favorite takeaway from this tutorial is when Albert showed us the wonders of eyelid tape! Since Alex's eyes are uneven—one was more hooded than the other—he placed a strip of eyelid tape on her left lid. The difference is amazing! He explained that he prefers to do this technique after eyeshadow application, in case the makeup wasn't enough to "fix" the symmetry.

To see the rest of Albert's tutorial, watch the video here!

Everyday Makeup Look With Alex Gonzaga

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