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Anne Clutz Shares Her Makeup Faves Under P250 From Shopee

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PHOTO: Instagram/anneclutz

Shopee is a wonderful place. It’s home to just about anything you can think of such as  appliances, men and women’s apparel, accessories, furniture, and many more. But the greatest thing about this online super mall, it has lots of makeup retailers! You'll find yourself scrolling through the app, looking for the best beauty deals.

Beauty YouTuber Anne Clutz, who is well-known for her honest reviews of affordable makeup products that can easily be found in department stores or drugstores, Watsons, confessed that she loves going on Shopee. At the Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, when asked about her favorite underrated beauty brands,she immediately answered, “‘Yung mga nabibili sa Shopee!”

If you browse through her Youtube uploads, you will see videos of her reviewing relatively unknown makeup brands from Shopee. In one video, she elaborated her top picks from the brand O.TWO.O. Scroll down to see her faves, and maybe click "add to cart" right after? ;)

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  1. Play with Colors Eyeshadow Palette

    For a low price of P250, you get 16 eyeshadow colors, varying from matte, satin, shimmer and metallic shades. According to her, they are very pigmented, buttery to apply, and has a huge color pay-off. 

    O.TWO.O Play with Colors Eyeshadow Palette, P250, Shopee (Currently unavailable)

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  2. Microfiber Sponge

    Brushes are usually the go-to when applying liquid foundation, but if you want to sheer it out a bit, try applying it using a sponge. But sometimes, it tends to drink up the product because it’s so porous. This is not the case for O.TWO.O’s makeup sponge, according to Anne. It also helped her blend her foundation pretty well!

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    O.TWO.O Microfiber Sponge, P83, Shopee

  3. Rose Gold Waterproof Fine Point Eyeliner

    This product proved as a win for Anne (AKA I’m gonna go buy it because I trust her opinion.) because it had a felt tip, which makes drawing on cat eyes super easy.

    O.TWO.O Rose Gold Waterproof Fine Point Eyeliner, P72, Shopee

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  4. Rose Gold 2 Color Brows in 04

    For beginners who aren’t quite used to brow pomades and pens, powders are a safe formulas to try when grooming your arches. The 2 Color Brows palette comes with two shades of eyebrow powder, a mini brush, and a spoolie. The brown color is also versatile enough to be used as a nose contour. Anne said it stayed for about six hours against her oily skin!

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    O.TWO.O Rose Gold 2 Color Brows, P95, Shopee

  5. Rose Gold 2 in 1 Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick in 01

    You can always count me in on products that are two for the price of one. This lipstick is dual-ended, with a matte lipstick on one side and a liquid lippie on the other. Anne loves its rich color, and she found it easy to apply on her lips.

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    O.TWO.O Rose Gold 2 in 1 Matte Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick, P90, Shopee

Anne was able to achieve a lovely makeup look using products that were just P250 and below. Now that’s what you call talent! You don’t need to buy expensive makeup products if you can achieve the same results with more affordable options that perform just as well. In her own words, “Pak pa rin, girl!” 

Anne Clutz' Shopee Makeup Faves