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This Highlighting Powder Has Been Pressed To Form A Work Of Art

Starry, starry night.
PHOTO: Instagram/clionadhcosmetics

From rainbows to roses to err... penises, highlighters went pretty crazy in the last year or so. We, along with everyone else in the world, freaked out when they were released. Now get ready to freak out in excitement again, because this new highlighter is taking the cake for "most artistic." LITERALLY.

Just one look at the Van Gogh highlighter-slash-eyeshadow, and you will see how that pan of tightly packed pigments is pure art and makeup #goals.

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Created by Canadian cosmetics brand Clionadh Cosmetics to celebrate their 5,000 followers on Instagram, the Van Gogh highlighter is currently open for international auction until April 14 (April 13, for them)—YUP, this baby can be yours for the right price. 

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But the best news? This won't be the last artistic highlighter they create, as it's the first of their new Famous Painting Highlighters collection. In one of their Instagram posts, they explained that they will be doing different ones at every milestone. We can't wait to see them do Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa or Edgar Degas' Ballet Rehearsal

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To hold you (and really, us) over until the next aahhhhrt highlighter is released, here is a short clip of how intricate and beautiful this makeup product is.

P.S. Try not to drool over it. 

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