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How To Cop Bea Alonzo's Classic 'Fresh Lang' Makeup Look

PHOTO: instagram/beaalonzo

Bea Alonzo is one of the industry's brightest and most beautiful stars, and we always find ourselves longing to copy her "fresh lang" makeup lewks.

In her latest YouTube video, her go-to MUA Ting Duque walks us through the process of Bea's usual ~simple and classic~ MOTD.

Here's everything we learned:


  1. Use a facial roller to minimize puffiness.

    At the beginning of the video, Bea used a facial roller to reduce the puffiness of her face. "There are days na super bloated ng face ko, then when I do this [rolling motion] for like, three minutes, nag-iiba na siya. It really helps," she shared.

  2. Apply a lighter shade of concealer to highlight the undereye.

    Ting advised getting a shade of concealer that's one shade lighter than what you would normally use to conceal other parts of your face. Doing this will brighten your undereye area. This technique will ~lift~ up your face.

  3. Don't be afraid to contour.

    According to Ting, the reason she contours is not because "uso siya" but because it really does make a difference on the face. "It helps to bring out the features and para 'di maging one dimension [yung face]," she shared. She uses a mix of powder and cream products on Bea to score a defined and sculpted look.

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  4. Love your natural brows.

    A pet peeve of Bea is when brows look *too* unnatural. She said that if they won't be brushed with soap or colorless mascara, she prefers just leaving her arches alone.

  5. Apply a shimmery shade in the middle of the lid.

    Ting shared that she always uses a shimmery shade in the center of the lid to "open up the eyes" and get that "wet" effect.

  6. Add a little ~imperfection~.

    According to Ting, she likes adding a sprinkle of faux freckles on Bea's cheeks using a brown liquid eyeliner as a final touch. She likes doing this to make the base look more natural and skin-like.

Watch the rest of Bea's video below:

Bea Alonzo's go-to MUA Ting Duque shares some tips on how she creates Bea's classic fresh makeup look.

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