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This Egg-Shaped Sponge Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever

It really is all about that base.

If you’ve been watching Youtube makeup tutorials, you’ve probably seen beauty gurus use these egg-shaped sponges to apply their foundation and blend in their concealer.

Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva created Beautyblender, a pink sponge that allows you to blend your makeup for a flawless finish, since it helps you access those hard-to-reach areas—like the sides of your nose and the contours of your face.

According to, the Beautyblender features an "open cell structure" that fills with small amounts of water when wet. Translation? The makeup won't be absorbed by the sponge, so it stays on your skin—not on the applicator. Here's how to use it:

1. Hold the sponge under running water until it doubles up in size, and then squeeze out the excess. If it’s still too wet, roll it around a clean face towel.

2. Pump your foundation on the back of your hand, dab your Beautyblender on it, and then apply on your face. Use the pointed edge to apply product around your nose and your under-eye area.


Try giving this magical sponge a shot and see if you'll still pick up your foundation brush ever again!

Beautyblender is available at Pure Beauty stores and for P995.

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