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10 Beauty Trends We're Trying, Thanks To Elisse Joson

We love all her makeup looks!
PHOTO: Instagram/mkqua

Actress Elisse Joson has her signature radiant makeup down to a T. But when she adds a few trends to mix up her look, we couldn't help but want to go out of our beauty comfort zone and try it for ourselves! Here are the top Asian and Western beauty trends that she inspired us to wear:

1. Golden Highlight 

Elisse's highlight is, to quote famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, "dripping in candlelight." And we want that on our faces too! 

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2. Orange Blush 

Skip that bronze, pink, or red blush because orange is just as fun!

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3. Doll Eyes 

Sometimes we just want that doll-eyed effect to look more ~*awake*~.

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4. Coral Lips 

Summer may be over soon, but that doesn't mean we can't still wear this K-pop-inspired hue!

5. Dewy Base 

Normally, we'd be scared to try this in our weather. But Elisse looks so effortless and glowy that we're willing to sacrifice our tried and tested matte foundations for more hydrating formulas!

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6. Faux Bob 

When we want to change our hair without actually having to cut it, we'll be doing this neat little trick!

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7. Glitter 

Glitter can often overwhelm a makeup look, but Elisse's subtle take on the sparkling trend is on point.

8. Plum Lips 

Time to trade in our favorite red and nude shades for a matte and vampy lippie!

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9. Pink Makeup 

Got skin with a warm undertone? Don't shy away from a monochromatic pink look! It'll look just as beautiful as a peach or coral one! 

10. Silver Eyeliner 

Forget white and nude eyeliner to make eyes bigger; silver is the new must-try shade!

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