Beauty Trends You Should Ditch When You're Already Working

Time to level up!

When you’re already a full-fledged career woman, you have to leave behind several beauty trends you embraced when you were in college. Read on to see which of them you should say goodbye to.

Ditch: Mismatched foundation
Now that you’re a little bit wiser, you already know the devastating effect of using foundation that’s too light or too dark on your skin. To avoid this makeup blunder, test the product on the center of your face, and blend to see if it will "disappear" seamlessly. 

Embrace: Correctly-matched foundation

Bought foundation that's too light or too dark? Here's how to fix it.

Ditch: Sparkly makeup
Glittery makeup emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles. If you're going for some shimmer, try products with a metallic or satin finish.

Embrace: Metallic and satin finishes

Combine light-reflecting finishes with matte eyeshadows for optimal effect. 

Ditch: Sweet, fruity scents
It’s time to leave your saccharine scents behind and embrace more elegant ones with citrus, floral, and powdery notes.

Embrace: A signature fragrance

Find it and stick to it. People will remember you and associate you with that scent, so better choose wisely!

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Ditch: Harsh Cleansers
We battled acne during our younger years, so we got used to using facial cleansers designed to zap all zits. But now that you’re in your 30s, it’s time to go gentle on your skin with a mild cleanser. 

Ditch: Cartoony nail art
Sure, it’s really cute to see pandas on your digits, but they won’t mesh with your more refined sense of style.

Embrace: Any nail polish shade

Yes, you can still experiment with various nail color shades—even neon! Your best bets, however, would be jewel tones, bold hues, and pretty pastels. You can still get creative, though. Feel free to experiment with French tips and half-moon nail art.

Ditch: Hair chalk
Candy-colored tresses are awesome, but they're best reserved for costume parties or music festivals.

Embrace: Balayage highlights

The freehand application of subtle highlights delivers a sun-kissed effect and seamless dimension to your strands.


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