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We Found The Best Eyeshadow Trick To Make Brown Eyes *Pop*

Just dab here and there and you’re done!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/antheabueno, (RIGHT) Instagram/juliuscmua

Brown eyes (the eye color most Pinays have) are often paired with neutral browns, beiges, and bronzes to emphasize them. If you're stuck in a lil' bit of an eye makeup rut, we found the simplest trick to help you take your eye looks to the ~next level~: light blue eyeshadow! Thanks to Instagram, we noticed how celebs like Sue Ramirez and Kendall Jenner have been wearing the icy hue on the inner corners of their lids—and we instantly thought, "Why haven't we been doing this all along???"

Before you disregard the eyeshadow color and say it won't suit you, check out the effect it has on these famous brown-eyed ladies:

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See how a softly blended shade of blue on the inner corners of their peepers suddenly made their brown eyes look richer? It makes a huge difference!

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While thinking about how blue and brown could look amazing together, we realized it's because the ultra-cool shade gives a nice contrast to the warm, chocolatey hue. When applied next to each other, they both make each other more vibrant and lively. COOL!

If you want to try this makeup tip ASAP, these are the perfect eyeshadows to do it with:

  1. Pink Sugar Eye Candy 1

    Pink Sugar's travel-friendly palette contains two different hues of blue and a bunch of gorgeous neutrals to allow you to create a multitude of pretty looks.

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  2. Teviant Coquette Pencil Eyeliner

    This royal blue eyeliner will make it easy to highlight the inner corners of your lids. Just apply a bit and blend it out for a hazy, subtle finish.

  3. BYS Banana Rama On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palette

    If you love palettes with pops of color, the Banana Rama palette is perfect for you. Packaged in a cute tin, it contains matte and shimmery neutrals, as well as bright yellows, blues, and oranges.

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  4. Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Cinderella Gem

    We love how this eyeshadow is named after one of our favorite Disney princesses, and the color exactly matches the dress she wore in the film!

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  5. ZOEVA Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette

    This eyeshadow palette will not only complement your brown peepers, but its pastel colors will help you create a ton of dreamy eye makeup looks.

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