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Bretman Rock *Finally* Filmed A Makeup Video With His Mysterious Boyfriend And We Are So Kilig RN

Still no face reveal, though.
PHOTO: instagram/bretmanrock

Fact: When you search for Bretman Rock on YouTube, "Bretman's boyfriend" is one of the first results that will show up and it's not surprising why. They have kept their relationship under wraps for so long. Even when they went public, Bretman's boyfriend's face is never seen in photos (just his body and the back of his head) and only his *deep* voice can be heard in Instagram stories.

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Bretman previously said that he will never reveal the identity of his man to the public. He explained that he puts so much of himself on the internet that he'd like to keep this part of his personal life private. But recently, Bretman allowed us a sneak peek into their relationship by uploading a video with his boyfriend!

They did a "Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge" video, and you better believe his man came through with the full beat, LOL! While doing his makeup, Bretman and his boyfriend also shared the story of how they met, relationship advice, and what they like about each other. And even though only the arm of his boyfriend was visible, the entire video was a ~kilig~ and laugh fest from start to end.

Watch Bretman Rock's full video with his boyfriend here:

My Boyfriend does my Makeup

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