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This 3-Step Eyebrow Routine Will Give You Natural-Looking Bushy Brows

PHOTO: Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

As wearing masks and face shields became a part of our daily lives, my kikay side took a backseat. It seemed like there was no place for it in the so-called "new normal." What once was an enjoyable and relaxing activity for me felt taxing and useless. I thought to myself, "Why bother with a full beat when more than half of it would be covered with protective gear anyway?"

But during the quarantine, I realized that makeup is what makes me happy. The 10 to 15 minutes I spend blending and buffing out products help keep me sane. Besides, I figured that even though most of my face is hidden behind a mask, my brows and eyes can still be seen. So, I decided to focus my attention on my kilay because that's one of the physical features I take pride in.

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For the stuff I was going to use, I decided to go old-school and return to one of the brands I bought back when I was a makeup beginner: Ever Bilena. Over the years, they kept on improving and releasing new game-changing products. One such category would be the brows. They released three new kilay products earlier this year that made my heart skip a beat when I saw them online. Check them out below:

What are the new Ever Bilena eyebrow products?

  1. EB Advance Fine Line Brow Liner

    If you're going for the natural look, go for an eyebrow pencil with a skinny tip. This will allow you to fill out the sparse areas without making them look like chunky blocks. The EB Advance Fine Line Brow Liner costs P160 and comes in two shades: Lily (light brown) and Brooke (dark brown).

    Ever Bilena Eyebrow Product: EB Advance Fine Line Brow Liner
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
  2. EB Advance Studio Finish Brow Pen

    If a microbladed finish is more of your speed, use a brow pen with fine quad-tip. This will help you mimic the natural growth of your kilay. The EB Advance Studio Finish Brow Pen costs P180 and comes in two shades: Wood (dark brown) and Tweed (light brown).

    Ever Bilena Eyebrow Product: EB Advance Studio Finish Brow Pen
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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  3. EB Advance Tint & Tame Brow Mascara

    For a true, au naturel look, simply brush your brows up using a mascara. Bonus points if you use a tinted one—this will make your kilay look *extra* bushy. The EB Advance Tint & Tame Brow Mascara costs P165 and comes in two shades: Chai (almond brown) and Brew (chocolate brown).

    Ever Bilena Eyebrow Product: EB Advance Tint & Tame Brow Mascara
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

Bushy Brows Routine

For my brows, I've always preferred a ~bold~ finish. I find that it looks especially striking against my light-colored tresses. Below, my bushy kilay routine:

  1. I prefer the EB Advance Fine Line Brow Liner in Brooke because of its dark hue. I use a light hand to carefully outline of the lower part of my kilay. Then, I blend it upwards using the spoolie found on the other side of the pen.
  2. For the rest of my brows, I use the EB Advance Studio Finish Brow Pen in Wood to fill in the sparse areas. Its pigment is sheer, which is perfect because you can easily build it up without going overboard. The result? Soft, natural-looking kilay.
  3. To set my brows in place, I use the EB Advance Tint & Tame Brow Mascara in Brew and brush it all over my kilay. I use a light hand because it is pigmented AF. Then, I just blend it out with a spoolie to keep it from looking too ~severe~.
Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

These are the three major reasons I love these products:

  1. They are buildable.

    One of the things I hate the most about makeup products is if they set way too quickly. This is not the case with the stuff I tried from Ever Bilena—they don't dry down immediately. This is great because if I make a mistake, I can easily wipe it off without ruining the rest of the look.

  2. They are oily skin-approved.

    As someone who has had oily skin all her life, I'm always on the lookout for products that can withstand the grease. I can happily report that even after a whole day, my brows did not budge at all.

  3. They are affordable.

    With nothing going above P200, Ever Bilena's eyebrow products prove that you don't need expensive ones to score great-looking kilay!

Ever Bilena's latest eyebrow products can be purchased on their official Shopee and Lazada stores and major Watsons branches nationwide.

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