Best I've Ever Tried: Careline Best Brow Liner

Bushy arches for ~dayz~

Let me preface this ~love letter~ by saying: I'm an eyebrow fiend. My family and friends know that I like doing my kilay at the most random times of the day, and my taekwondo teammates also know that I always make sure my arches are on point before competitions for *~good luck~*. (Hey, it works, you know!)

I may not be getting them threaded every month like before, but I like making sure that I have nice, bushy, fluffy brows. I already know the color that works for my arches, and I know the kind of eyebrow products I like. I've got my kilay routine down cold.

I wasn't always like this, though. I went through a phase back in first year college where I was *too* tweezer-happy AND used a reddish brown shade (I had black hair back then, what was I thinking?!) from an old Anastasia Beverly Hills palette to fill in my tadpole-like brows. SHAME.

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Thankfully, over the years, I have learned not to touch my arches too much anymore. Plus, I found the eyebrow product that works best for me. It's the Careline Best Brow Liner.

I first laid eyes on what was soon to be my holy grail brow product at a Watsons branch near my old school. I had a habit of popping by the drugstore just to see if there's anything new (don't we all?), and I saw the Best Brow Liner on Careline and Ever Bilena's shared shelf. This was during the time that Careline had its major rebranding, so everything had a new design and packaging. I decided that it was time to try out a new brow product, so I bought it in the taupe shade. I didn't know if I was gonna love or hate it, so I just put it in my bag and went on with my day. (Oh, you sweet girl, how painfully naive you are.)

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According to Careline's website, it's a "creamy retractable brow liner with a fine lead for expert brow shaping and shading." It also has a spoolie so that you can brush out and soften your ~brow lewk~. It comes in two shades, taupe and brunette. Use the taupe shade if you have black or colored hair, and the brunette if you have brown hair.

A big part of what drew me to it was the price point. It's only a ~whopping~ P160 (though it may vary from store to store), so it's a great buy if you 're on a budget and you want something that gets the job done and does it well. It's also SUPER accessible—it's available on Lazada, Watsons, and even 7/11!

Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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Okay, now it's time for me to gush about why I love it so much!

It's super easy to use!

It's a fuss-free eyebrow pencil—even those who are just learning to do their kilay can use this with ease. I also like how it has a spoolie because I hate it when eyebrow products don't have the grooming tool included. This way, everything you need is just in one product.

The shade is perfect for me.

I constantly color my hair, so it's hard for me to find a nice product to use for my brows that won't contrast or look weird against my colored hair. ICYDK, taupe is a good color to use for your eyebrows if you like dyeing your hair because it's a universal brow color.

It's super pigmented and sweat-proof!

You know how with some brow products, you have to go over your arches a few more times just to get the pigmentation that you want? It was a never problem with the Best Brow Liner. I only need a few strokes to fill in my sparse areas and I'm done. Aside from that, it's also sweat-proof! My eyebrows stayed in place throughout all my taekwondo training sessions and competitions—those instances are solid proof, haha!

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It didn't give me those weird brow pimples, LOL.

A problem that I got with the past brow products I used was that I would get these weird, tiny pimples on my brows, which I'm guessing was irritation caused by the past products I used. It is a BIG plus that my skin around my kilay area never broke out in all the times I used this product even though my complexion is super oily and acne-prone.

You can find it everywhere, and it's affordable.

With its pigmentation and quality, you can't go wrong with its affordable price tag! (Let me also say that I was your typical ~broke college student~ when I bought my first pencil, so that should be enough proof for you, LOL!) It's also available everywhere, so I can easily buy more when my stash is running low.

Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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The Careline Best Brow Liner is the best I've ever tried because...

It's super easy to use, the pigmentation is top-notch, the price won't break the bank, and it helps me to easily get pretty, filled-in arches!

Careline Best Brow Liner, P150, Lazada

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