This Chocolate Nail Art Is Very, Very Edible

PHOTO: YouTuve/Nailed It NZ

If you’re trying to break your habit of biting your nails, then this weird and wonderful nail art is definitely not for you. Seriously, stay far, far away—we’re not responsible for any snacking and nibbling that ensues.

Jessie, who vlogs at her YouTube channel Nailed It NZ, has a passion for creating interesting nail designs—the crazier, the better. Recently, her July 2016 tutorial for edible chocolate nail art trended on the internet... just in time for the holiday season (aka that annual occurrence when dieting of any kind is called off). According to Teen Vogue, Jessie used a chocolate piping set she found at the supermarket to create the sweet, sticky designs. She even stuck her hands in the freezer to set her nails!

So what’s the verdict? Watch the video below to find out:

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