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TikTok Is Right: You Should Be Crazy About Color-Changing Makeup

A no-brainer product that makes life easier.
Why You Need To Try Color-Changing Makeup
PHOTO: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ira Nopuente, Anontae

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I remember when I was younger, I would get amazed by how Mood Lipsticks worked. My ninang gifted me a bullet of green lipstick, and it would magically transform into a shade of berry as soon as it touches my lips. It fascinated me as a child, and I was only allowed to wear it at home.

In college, the big rage was Smashbox's O Glow, a tint that turns into a pretty custom pink flush as it reacts to your skin. Almost every girl I know was crazy about that tube!

These color-changing makeup products would occasionally hit the shelves, in different brands and forms. I still gravitate towards them because they make beauty routines so easy. I would not have to think if the shade would look good on me because my body's pH would dictate the hue. Plus, color-changing makeup products are best for the no-makeup makeup look. They look natural and are basically think- and fail-proof.


I'm still on the lookout for more color-changing makeup, but while I'm building that list, here are some selects to get you started.

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BLK Color-Adapting Lip and Cheek Oil, P349

BLK Color-Adapting Lip and Cheek Oil
BLK Cosmetics

A multi-tasking product that gives dewy cheeks and glossy lips? Sign us up.

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BLK Color-Adapting Lip and Cheek Oil, P349 (Get notified when it restocks)



Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass

Espressoh Glassy Blush

A highlighter and blush in one.

Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass, P1,500


Kiko Milano pH Glow Lipstick

Kiko Milano pH Glow Lipstick
Kiko Milano

A must in your everyday kikay kit.

Kiko Milano pH Glow Lipstick, SM Megamall

Dior Lip Glow Balm

Dior Lip Glow Color-Reviver Balm

The OG TikTok favorite.

Dior Lip Glow Color-Reviver Balm, Greenbelt 5

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