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How Are Lipsticks Made?

This is even better than food videos.

Every beauty addict knows that ColourPop Cosmetics produces some of the best lipsticks today. They carry matte and satin liquid lipsticks, as well as their very famous Lippie Stix. Both variants are made so well that they can easily pass as high-end lipsticks, even though they cost less than $10. (No wonder people hoard these!)

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Refinery29 got the chance to visit the brand’s Southern California factory to witness how the Internet’s Favorite Lipsticks are produced, and film it. The two-and-a half minute video walks us through the tedious process of how their Lippie Stix is made, from the combination of pigments and solvents until its final packaging. It’s definitely something every lipstick addict needs to see:

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