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Avoid These Common Mascara Mistakes To Get The Best-Looking Lashes Of Your Life

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As Asians, most of us are born with stubbornly-straight lashes. This is why we turn to mascaras of all kinds—from lengthening, volumizing, and curling ones. When applied correctly, the right mascara can give us a beautiful fluttery, fanned-out effect. Mascara can be a tricky product to work with, though, and you need to be careful with the formula you choose and how you apply it. 

Below, we've listed down the most common mascara mistakes and how exactly you can fix them to score gorgeous-looking fluttery lashes:

  1. Curling your lashes after applying mascara.

    Curling your lashes prior to applying mascara is a common practice to really ~maximize~ the full effect. But doing it *after* can result in a clumpy mess, and you also run the risk of pulling out your lash hairs! Yikes!

    The fix: If you want to ensure that your lashes won't droop down even after applying mascara, brush through them using a clean spoolie. This practice is also effective in removing clumps to avoid that unwanted ~spidery~ effect.

  2. Pumping your mascara wand multiple times. 

    Since most, if not all, mascara tubes are opaque, you can never really tell how much product you've got left until it's totally dry. This is why we tend to pump them a few times to try and get all of the product out so it's not sayang. This is actually a bad habit as it can allow air and bacteria inside, making it a breeding ground for germs.

    The fix: Instead of pumping the wand in and out of the tube, use a twisting motion (like you're mixing the formula) to get every last bit of product inside your mascara. Another trick you can try is to roll the tube in between your palms to "warm" up the product and melt the liquid inside. Remember to throw it out after two to three months, though! 

  3. Using an expired tube.

    One common belief is that you don't have to throw your makeup out if there's still some product inside, right? This is a very bad habit to keep, especially for mascaras, as they are contained inside a dark and damp tube. This makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and you may end up with pink eye.

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    The fix: Even though there's still product inside, toss out your mascara if it's already three months old! Here's a helpful video to guide you on your next makeup decluttering sesh:

    When Does Makeup ~*Really*~ Expire?

  4. Forgetting to apply mascara on your outer lashes.

    The secret to really getting a beautiful fanned-out effect is by not forgetting to apply mascara on your outer lashes, too!

    The fix: It can be hard to catch your outer lashes if your mascara brush is oversized. Use one that's curved to make application (and your life) a lot easier!

    Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, P299, Lazada


  5. Relying on one formula only.

    There's no mascara that can do ~everything~. To get a beautiful finish, it's important to layer products and combine them to get the look that you want.

    The fix: Don't be afraid to layer on different mascaras to cater to your needs. For example, you can apply a volumizing mascara first, let it dry, then use a lengthening one. The result is fuller and longer-looking lashes! 

    L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise, P550, Lazada



    Heroine Make Kiss Me Long And Curl Mascara, P880, BeautyMNL


  6. Leaving excess product on the tip of the mascara brush.

    Don't you just hate it when you're applying mascara and you accidentally put some on your lids or your inner corners? It's probably because there's still excess product on the tip of your brush!


    The fix: Prior to applying it on your lashes, wipe the tip of your mascara brush on a piece of tissue to get rid of the excess product. This trick will make application a breeze!

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