A Vlogger Used A Condom To Apply Foundation, And We're Speechless

We're not making this up.
PHOTO: YouTube/Laila Tahri

If you ever have a condom lying around and don't want to spend a hundred or so pesos on an actual Sili Sponge, you're in luck. Beauty enthusiast Laila Tahri has a hack involving the contraceptive that apparently results in a flawless makeup base:

In the longer video Laila uploaded on YouTube, she explained that she prefers the smooth application normal sponges give, but thought that a condom might result in less wastage since it won't absorb product. Laila also stressed about thoroughly washing the condom beforehand to get rid of lubricants, because you probably won't want any of that on your face.

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Laila then began applying the foundation… before realizing that the shade she chose wasn't a match for her skin tone. But, and this is the important part, she was even more surprised to see that the condom + sponge combo was actually pretty good hack. "It's blending out so nice and easy," she said.

What do you think, CGs? Would you put a condom this close to your face in a non-sexual setting? LOL!

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