Cosmo's Cheat Sheet To 4 New Makeup Trends

Fresh from the runways, these hot new looks are super easy to adapt for the office, a date, and the club!

While the Philippines may not have a fall season like other countries, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the seasonal fashion and beauty trends--regardless of the weather. With the -ber months almost upon us, makeup brands have slowly been making the shift from pink, bright lips and lids to darker, more seductive colors. But aside from trading in your orange lipstick for plum, what else can we girls do to update our makeup routines?

Luckily, James Molloy, MAC Cosmetics Director of Artistry (Asia Pacific), was recently in Manila  to shed light on the four main looks that were all over the runways of fashion week. The good news? "The trends this season are very accessible for real women," James shared.

To keep your makeup fresh and on-trend, bear in mind the following looks: "Sense & Sensibility", "Roam-Antique", "Hone-Structure", and "Arti-Tech".

Channel Jane Austen

"Sense and Sensibility celebrates the idea of a quintessential English beauty," shared James. To achieve this look, keep the whole face neutral and focus on the lips. "Lady Danger is the perfect lip color for the season. It's orange-red color flatters warm skin tones, making it perfect for Filipinas."

: Before coloring in your puckers with lipstick, apply the same shade of lip liner as a base to give your lip more definition and to give your lipstick staying power.

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The New Gimik Look

The smoky eye is reinvented this season, as seen in "Roam-Antique." Instead of the usual fierce black and blue eyeshadows, go for rich, spicy hues and jewel tones like green, purple, and dusky brown.

Tip: For this look, opt to go without mascara--let the rich shades of your eyeshadow do the talking! Want to draw attention to your lips as well as your eyes? "This fall, lip colors are more fuchsia--avoid orange and pink," advised James. MAC's Girl About Town is a suggested color, as well as Rebel.

Shape Your Face

While spring/summer was all about highlighting your features, fall/winter heads the opposite direction by featuring contouring in "Hone-Structure" for a stronger look. One of the season's key trends--the fuller brow--comes into play in this look, as the strong brows can anchor the whole look and make it seem more natural.

Tip: "Avoid applying too much color on the insides of your eyebrows as it can make them look drawn on," James cautioned. 

No Longer The Cat's Meow

The winged tip/cat eye gets a simple yet modern makeover in "Arti-Tech". Instead of flicking your eye liner at the edge of your eye, opt instead for a clean straight line from end to end for a more current take on a classic makeup look.

Now, you're all set for the coming fall/winter season with four looks that are perfect for day and night! But don't be afraid to experiment; the important thing is to have fun with your look. Take it from the pro--like James said, in makeup, "There are no hard, fast rules!"

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