This Foundation Is Going Viral After A Girl With Cystic Acne Shared Her Amazing Before-And-After Pics

She looks beautiful with or without makeup, tbh.

Anyone that has struggled with acne, knows how difficult finding the best foundation can be. It's not just the consistency, coverage, and finish that you have to carefully consider, there is also the issue with ingredients, as many heavy formulas can clog pores and cause more breakouts.

In other words, it's a minefield and so, when cystic acne sufferer, Abbie Bull posted about the foundation that had completely transformed her skin, we knew we had to share.

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Abbie has always been open about her skin problems, documenting them on her YouTube channel Makeup By Abbie B and Instagram account @abbiebull_. In a video, she revealed that the go-to product she uses to hide her acne is none other than Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Foundation in Crème Brulée.

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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation in Crème Brulée, P2,905, Sephora

Hailing it the secret to her incredible transformation, Abbie says that, thankfully FauxFilter doesn't make her skin break out: "A lot of people ask if it breaks me out even more and it doesn't, I also love the smell of it."

Taking to Instagram, she shared some pretty amazing before and after snaps. Looking beautiful in both pictures, Abbie opened up to her followers in a heartfelt caption.

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"I'm determined to get the message out there that we are beautiful with or without makeup, acne sufferers deserve to be in the light as much as anyone else and not feel the need to hide away. I CHOOSE to put makeup on because I like being creative, not because I have to. I love myself both ways and you guys should too."

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Two months ago, Abbie shared a video titled, MY ACNE & SELF LOVE, in which she speaks candidly about her daily struggles with acne.

Explaining that the battle with her skin began when she was just 15 years old, she regularly receives comments from followers asking her how she manages to stay so confident and skin-positive.

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"People say to me 'you're so brave OMG how do you put pictures up like this, I wish I could leave the house without makeup, I wouldn't dare be seen without a full face of makeup on.'"

She went on to say she's been there and at times her acne was so bad she couldn't eat because it caused her so much pain.

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"I've had spots that were on my face for months," she said. "They really, really got me down. And hurt. Even when I was eating, when I was talking. Sometimes I would skip meals because eating just hurt that much. It got to me."

She recalls the first time she went to work without makeup on, because her skin was too sore to apply it. "I was absolutely terrified, I thought what are they going to think of me, they're going to think that I'm ugly, that I don't wash my faceall these kinds of things were going through my head."

She continued: "But they were really lovely, so I was ok, I noticed it was there but wasn't thinking about it that much, until this customer said to me 'you really need to eat more fruit and veg' and I cried my eyes out."

"Why should I feel belittled because I have acne or feel judged when I leave the house? Be kind on yourself. Be happy and enjoy life."

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