Date Night Essentials: What To Pack In Your Clutch

You only need six things!

Packing light for makeup is never easy—especially when you think about bringing your entire collection just in case something happens.

But remember: bigger isn’t always better. Here, we give you the six beauty things you should throw in your clutch to help you get through date night and the morning after.  


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Maybelline Powder White Superfresh, P299, available at department stores

Compact powder foundations, which will even out your skin tone and keep oil at bay, will help lighten your load. They also come with a mirror, so you never have to worry about lining up in the bathroom to see if you have lipstick on your teeth. The sponge applicator also saves you from having to carry a fluffy powder brush.

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K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner, P795, Beauty Bar

Packing your eyeliner should be a no-brainer, especially if you have oily lids. Even if your product promises strong staying power, it's best to be prepared and bring it for back-up.

Brow Product

Benefit Brow Zings P1,600, TriNoma

Most brow products are formulated to withstand everything, but accidentally rubbing your brows—or an intense make out session—might scrub your arches off.

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Lip and Cheek Tint

Benefit Posie Tint,  P1,800, TriNoma

Save space by bringing multitaskers like lip and cheek tints.

Makeup Wipes

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Nivea Gentle Cleaning Wipes, P140, available in all Watsons branches

Bring a pack to clean up any makeup mishaps. And well, for impromptu sleepovers, too.

Feminine Wipes

Lactacyd All-Day Care Feminine Wipes, department stores

Freshen up with feminine wipes before things get steamy. Don't want to bring the whole pack? Take one or two and transfer them inside an air-tight Ziploc bag instead, so they don't dry up.

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