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How To Declutter Your Makeup Bag For A Trip

Because you can't take all your makeup with you...
PHOTO: Christopher Coppola/Studio D

Heading to your province this weekend? Or maybe you're going on that overdue family beach trip. Whatever your plans this Holy Week, we bet you'll be taking a kikay kit with you. But the problem with going out of town is you can't take your entire makeup collection (you won't be gone for that long!).

As such, here are five tips to follow if you're having trouble downsizing your makeup bag for the weekend:

1. Think about your daily makeup routine

Be honest with yourself heredo you really use two foundations everyday? And do you need three different eyeshadow palettes to do your MOTD? Choose the products you use every day and put those in. You now have your base makeup kit!

2. You only need one for each category

That said, if you find that you have doubles of each product in your kit, you need to downsize further. Think of it this way: Which of these can you NOT live without?

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3. Bring multitasking brushes

Brushes can be tricky because you think you need all of them. But let's be honestthat's not true! You only need the ~*holy trinity*~ of brushes to do all your looks: one eyeshadow brush, one face brush, and one powder brush.

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4. If you don't use 'em, toss 'em

Got any makeup that's just gathering dust? It's time to get rid of it. If you don't use it now, you never will!

5. Go for sample sizes

If you've got a sample-sized version of your holy grail product, take that with you instead. The lighter your kikay kit, the better!

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