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This Beauty Blogger Used Deodorant As Her Face Primer

We'll use regular old primers, TYVM.
PHOTO: istockphoto

The Internet never stops with its LOL-worthy makeup hacks: There's contouring with kitchen items, and blending foundation with actual male testicles or a condom. If you're a true beauty girl, you've probably heard of using deodorant as a foundation primer. But wait, could it actually work?

That's what blogger Antonia, known as @anti_gorgeous on Instagram, shared with her followers—that an anti-perspirant could be the key to having a flawless face. And she made a fine point in her caption, too: "It's summertime and I SWEAT! I decided to try deodorant as a primer to stop the sweating through my foundation."

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But it is important to note here that Antonia used a NATURAL DEODORANT that is aluminum-free and contains ingredients like aloe vera, ascorbic acid, and sunflower seed oil—all of which aren't, according to dermatologist Ava Shamban, "concerning for the skin."

Still, though, we suggest choosing primers that are tailored to your skin type and skin concern and having a pack of trusty oil-blotting papers with you to use when needed! Because while this hack seems harmless on the outside, who knows what it's actually doing to your skin from the inside? 

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