Why You Should Think Twice Before Trying This Makeup Hack

Deodorant on your face?

The internet is filled with tons of interesting, crazy, and sometimes just downright stupid life hacks. And out of these hacks, a huge chunk of them have something to do with makeup. (Anything to save some money for beauty, amirite?!)

Anyway, one of the latest makeup hacks we found on Instagram—where almost all beauty hacks come from these days, TBH—is by beauty blogger Shabnam Khawja, who said that you can use deodorant to control oil and mattify your face. “Putting a stick of deodorant on your face may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients can help mattify the face. Also, some natural deodorants include mineral salts that can help dry out zits and bacteria-fighting ingredients that can also curb breakouts,” her caption said.

While it *kind of* makes sense, Seventeen reports that the pros believe this hack shouldn’t be practiced. “Using either an antiperspirant or deodorant on your face could lead to irritation, allergic reactions, and possibly breakouts,” said Dr. Christine Choi Kim. After all, deodorant was made to get mask body odors, while antiperspirants block sweat.

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So in case you’re having trouble with keeping oil at bay when you have a full face of makeup, we strongly recommend you grab a good quality oil-controlling primer instead. Those are sure to cause zero harm on your skin!

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