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Here's How You Can Make Your Own Peel-Off Lip Tint

Who knew it was this easy?
PHOTO: YouTube/Wengie

Ever since videos of people peeling off layers of lipstick to reveal beautifully stained puckers went viral on the internet the past year, we’ve developed a slight obsession with peel-off makeup.

We came across this DIY peel-off lip tint tutorial by Australian beauty blogger Wengie, where she mixed only non-toxic school glue and a few drops of food coloring. She then painted half of her lips with her DIY mixture and half with a store-bought one. While she did point out that the DIY tint was a little stickier and harder to apply than that from the store , the results were pretty good!

Watch the fun DIY video below:

If you decide to try out this tutorial, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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