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Does Makeup Expire?

Makeup hoarder? Time for an intervention.

Many of us are guilty of hoarding makeup. Admit it—you still can’t let go of that expensive foundation you bought last year, or that glittery eye shadow you received as a gift two summers ago but only used once. Don’t worry Cosmo girls, we’ve all been there. The bright colors and thick consistency of some products, not to mention the price and cuteness factor, can be deceiving, and may cause us to think they’re still safe to use even when they’re not.

According to WebMD, preservatives in makeup products may break down over time, causing bacteria to grow in them. Just because they still look okay on the outside doesn’t mean you should still use them.  

Experts suggest that foundation and lipstick should only be kept for a year, and blush, powder, and eye shadow for two years. Moreover, mascara should be thrown after 3-4 months.

An alternative to this problem would be to use mineral makeup. It contains fewer irritating fillers and preservatives than regular cosmetics.

What do you think of this finding? Do you use your makeup within the prescribed period of time? Let us know by commenting below.

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