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10 ~*Cool*~ Halloween Makeup Ideas That Don't Require A Costume

Minimal effort, maximum impact.
halloween makeup ideas
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It's nearly October 31, which means that Halloween szn is almost upon us! One of the things that always gets us excited about it is getting to ~dress~ up like our favorite characters for parties. Since we're in the middle of a pandemic, however, we need to be creative with our lewks for that day. If you and your barkada or company are celebrating the occasion via a Zoom call, it's better to focus your attention on your face. 

Yup, you can still sport an A+ Halloween look just by getting creative with your makeup—costume not required. ;) Need some ideas? We gotchu! Ahead, we listed down 10 of the coolest Halloween makeup ideas to try that range from easy to medium difficulty:

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

  1. Red Devil

    The devil is a *classic* Halloween costume, and you can totally keep it strictly on your face. Draw the horns on top of your brows, extend your graphic liner to create the "tail," and put on a fiery red lip to finish off the look.

  2. Killer Red

    If you're one of those people that still want to have a ~wearable~ makeup look during Halloween without looking boring, this one is for you. Exchange your usual black cateye for a red graphic liner look and blush. Top it off with a crimson lipstick and gloss to ensure that you stand out in your Zoom party. ;)

  3. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad is another classic Halloween costume, but it can take too much preparation if you decide to wear her outfit and temporarily dye your hair as well. An easier option would be to incorporate Harley's signature colors into your makeup look. All you need is a blue and pink eyeshadow for your eyes and a ruby red lipstick for your pout. To imitate her tattoos, draw on your face with your trusty black eyeliner.

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  4. Femme Feline

    For this look, all you need is your black eyeliner! Do your usual cateye, then use your pen to draw the whiskers and nose. If you don't have a cat ears headband, simply create a space bun on each side of your head for a similar effect.

  5. Neon Webs

    If you have a steady hand, we're sure you can pull off this ~intricate~ lewk. Grab your colored eyeliner and draw several lines from your lash line to brow bone and fill in the gaps with more lines. Add a bold lip to really seal the deal!

  6. Modern Female Chucky

    Here's an easy look you can do that looks like SFX. Using kohl eyeliner, draw the "tears" on your face. Then, take the stuffing from an old pillow and use skin-safe glue to apply it to the gaps to create the illusion of your "stuffing" spilling out. For the rest of your look, you can keep it generally muted, but make sure to use a bold lip!

  7. Dreamy Witch

    For this look, it's time to bust out your trusty eyeliner yet again! Start off by applying brown eyeshadow all over your lids and deepen it with a black one. Using your liner, draw various symbols all over your face, like stars, moons, and dots. If you're ~*extra*~, you can also add stick-on gems.

  8. Pennywise Glam

    Pennywise from It is always a good Halloween makeup idea. If you want to make it more ~glam~, however, you can just stick to drawing the lines that extend from his mouth to his brows using a red lipliner. Make sure to use crimson eyeshadow and lipstick to match!

  9. Fairy Princess

    We recommend busting out your shimmery eyeshadows and glowy highlighters for this look. Make sure to pack on the highlighter on the highest points of your face + on your lips to really give you that ~dreamy~ look. if you have a sparkly headdress, you can use it as your finishing touch.


  10. Cheetah Girl

    We swear, this cheetah eye makeup look is easy to recreate, even if you're not the best at eyeliner! After you're done with your nude base, use brown eyeshadow to create dots all over your lids. Then, simply encircle them with your liner. Ta-da!

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