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Go Big Or Go Home: 5 Creative Eye Makeup Trends You Need To Try ASAP

These are double tap-worthy looks!
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Hey, there's nothing wrong with wearing the same eyeshadow look every day. But I know you have a saved folder on Instagram filled with major eye inspo that you have on hand just in case some random occasion comes up and you have to throw some diamond studs and colorful liner on your lids. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that spur-of-the-moment event you're waiting for? Probably never going to happen. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the time for epic eye art is now, not tomorrow and not two months down the road.

You don't need a specific occasion to get a little experimental with your eye makeup—being creative, having fun, and expressing yourself are good enough reasons, IMO. So, to give you some major drool-worthy inspo, I pulled together five spectacular eye art looks that you'll be motivated to try out ASAP.

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This Cloud Liner Eye Art

This baby blue-and-black liner combo basically screams, "I AM AWAKE AND PAYING ATTENTION" during 9 a.m. camera-mandatory Zoom calls. Don't forget your brows—fluff them up with a tinted gel to add some structure (like a frame for your ~art~).


These Flowery Lids for Eye Art

Sheer pink shadow plus mini dried flowers make you look like the kind of person who spends weekends frolicking outdoors...and def not in sweats on your couch watching CLOY for the 1,653rd time.

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This Sunbeam-Inspired Eye Art

Subtlety who? Live your best maximalist life by DIYing this masterpiece with a vibrant yellow liner and tiny press-on crystals. Pro tip: Pick a creamy gel pencil for crisp, ultra-pigmented lines.

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This Star-Themed Eye Art

Dust off the bright liners you bought in your Euphoria phase and use them to draw stars at the outer corners of your eyes. Take them all the way up to the brows for ~le drama~ or keep them small as accents—like cat eyes but cuter. Finish with a few coats of mascara for impact.

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These Blooming Lashes for Eye Art

The most extra look of all—but also the prettiest? Flowery lashes. Use a dab of lash glue to adhere teensy flowers to a set of false lashes before you apply them to your eyes to make this easier—and safer—than it looks.

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