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19 *Best* Euphoria Makeup Looks To Copy Right Now

And suddenly, my online cart is just rhinestones.
euphoria makeup looks
PHOTO: Instagram/donni.davy

If there’s one thing you need to know about me (hi, nice to meet you), it’s that I have an entire Instagram saved folder dedicated to Euphoria makeup looks. Like, I’m still inspired by every winged eyeliner, rainbow eye look, and ‘90s makeup trend that graced our screens in seasons one and two of the series. Which is probably why I haven’t stopped wearing colored eyeliner since I saw it on Kat, and also why I’ll be recreating a Euphoria Halloween makeup look this year, courtesy of the iconic looks head makeup artist Donni Davy brought us on the show.

So to nourish my #Fexi-shipping soul as they’re ~patiently~ filming season three, I compiled 19 Euphoria makeup looks you should also copy asap, whether you’re just equally obsessed with bold eye looks or are planning a Halloween costume.

1. Kat's graphic eyeliner


Get ready to see a lot of Kat looks from season two, because Davy and actress Barbie Ferreira got really into the minute details of Kat’s character to create tons of fun looks. This one, which came from the iconic play in episodes seven and eight of season two, was barely noticeable on screen except for the bright red in Kat’s inner corner, which was “like a little gift for herself,” writes Davy in her Instagram caption.

You’ll need precision to recreate this winged eye look, so start with your eyes and save your face makeup for last in case you need to do any clean-up. Gel eyeliner and an angled brush will be your best friend for easily creating sharp, saturated wings in one swipe. Don’t forget to pat a glitter eyeshadow in the negative space, or, if you have ~skills~, you can also trace your black and red lines with a glitter eyeliner as Davy did on Kat.

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2. Jules's metallic-green eyeliner

Compared to Jules' makeup in season one, which was both intricate and bold af, her makeup in season two was more understated and “made up of small details that were only visible up close,” Davy explains in her IG caption. And the little touches in this look are *chef’s kiss*: a metallic-green eyeliner in a swooped shape on her top and bottom lids, the stark-black inner corners, and the brushed-up brows.


If you don’t have a metallic-green liner laying around, don’t worry—you can DIY it by drawing your lines with a matte-green eyeliner, letting them dry, then re-tracing each line with a thin eyeliner brush dipped in a sheer gold glitter topper. Then, run an opaque black pencil eyeliner along your inner corner. If it gets a lil smudge-y, even better.

3. Maddy’s winged liner with rhinestones


If you saw Maddy’s looks in season one (ahem, #15 on this list), you’d be shocked that this was the only look with rhinestones that she wore in season two. Instead, Davy explored more toned-down looks for Maddy, aside from this dreamy, double-wing that Maddy wears in Nate’s dream in episode two.

The key to this look is a handful of light-catching small rhinestones. And for an extra glimmer on the lids, swipe a sheer, shimmery eyeshadow across your lids beforehand.

4. Cassie’s ‘60s smokey eye


Although I was devastated when Cassie went full Maddy to get Nate’s attention, I can’t deny that the looks were *fire emoji*, like this ‘60s-inspired blue smokey eye. To copy the “Caddy” look yourself, draw a strong winged eyeliner and extend it above your crease in a rounded shape to the inner corner. Then, draw a line from the inner to the outer corner of your lower lashline, slightly winging it out for Maddy’s signature double-wing.

But what makes this look, if you ask me, is drawing a line with blue eyeliner above the upper lashline and blending a sheer shimmery blue pigment across the lids, which will add a cool hue to a standard black smokey eye. And if you’re going full “Caddy” for a Halloween costume, you’ve gotta finish off the look with brown lip liner, creamy lipstick, straight hair (maybe consider finally trading in your hair straightener from high school?), and a strong-hold brow gel or soap brows to fluff up your eyebrows.


5. BB’s blue liner and mascara

BB is the unsung hero of Euphoria, including her underrated makeup looks, like this blue liner ~moment~. Want to get the look yourself? Line your upper and lower lashline with a deep, electric-blue eyeliner, then outline it with light blue eyeliner. Top it off with a few coats of blue mascara, a clear brow gel, and a generous swipe of brown lip gloss.


6. Lexi’s Twiggy-inspired eyeliner

Unlike the rest of the Euphoria cast, Lexi doesn’t explore bright colors or rhinestones with her makeup. Instead, her looks are attainable and fairly simple, including this ‘60s-esque, lower-lashline eyeliner for Maddy’s birthday party. To get an inky-black look on yourself, opt for a liquid eyeliner pen, which will make it easy to draw precise lines and offer a strong pigment. Then, dust a pink eyeshadow all over your lid with an eyeshadow brush and line your upper lid with a plum eyeliner, flicking it out at the ends.


7. Jules’s Abstract Eyeshadow

I actually recreated a similar abstract look for a music festival recently (told ya, I frickin’ love Euphoria makeup looks), inspired by this very bowling alley scene in Euphoria season two. This look is impromptu and somewhat messy (combined with Jules’s natural, “no makeup” skin), and it was surprisingly simple to copy. Squeeze a dollop of cream eyeshadow on a mixing palette or the back of an old candle lid (my fave hack), then dip a fluffy brush into the color before swiping it across your lids. The more smeared it looks, the better. To create the black lines, smudge a black pencil eyeliner on your finger and dab it across your lids.


8. Cassie’s tiny rhinestones and fluttery lashes

At the beginning of season two, Cassie's looks included faint, shiny details, like these tiny rhinestones that make her lower lashline glimmer. This look marks the beginning of Cassie’s eye-makeup transition and was a pivotal scene, making it a genius blonde Halloween costume idea that Euphoria stans will definitely understand.


Load your lashes with a volumizing mascara, but to avoid them looking spidery, brush them with a lash combo after every coat. Then, grab a set of nail rhinestones; you’ll want them to be extra small, so that they fit between your lashes. Dot the back of each gem with eyelash glue and place them between your lashes with a rhinestone dotting pen for precision. They’ll covertly peek out from behind your lashes, yet shine when they hit the light.

9. Kat’s yellow eyeshadow


Another blown-out, bright eye look from Kat? Yup, I’m obsessed with ‘em all. And this one is probably the easiest to try at home, as long as you’ve got yellow and purple eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush. Cover your entire lid in yellow eyeshadow (opt for a cream eyeshadow for more pigment, or pack on a powder shadow for a softer look), and then dip your brush into a shimmery purple shadow and lightly tap it on the inner corner, blending out the edges. Finish the look with black mascara or false lashes for a stronger eye.

10. Maddy’s double-winged eyeliner


Winged eyeliner became Maddy’s signature look, which makes sense, considering actress Alexa Demie is rarely seen without a cat-eye herself. You can copy the look by lining your eyes with liquid eyeliner, or if your hand is super steady, try drawing your wings with an angled liner brush and a gel eyeliner. 

Fyi, the brightness Davy added between the two lines not only helps spotlight the winged liner, but also makes it easier to clean up any jagged edges. Just dip a flat brush in a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and run it along the winged eyeliner.

11. Kat’s blue eyeshadow


Blue eyeshadow is going to be a huge fall makeup trend, thanks to the Y2K trend revival that Kat is definitely cashing in on with this whole look (I mean, the heart pendant, cardigan, and tendrils complete the vibe). But the best part about this look is that it’s as simple as a blue eyeshadow smeared across your entire eye. To make it look watercolor, fan it through your crease and up to the brow bone with a fluffy brush in windshield-wiper motions instead of patting it on. Then, finish off the look with a rosy lip stain.

12. Cassie’s rhinestone wing


IMHO, this eye makeup is the star of that bathtub scene in season two, episode one. And if you don’t have the patience for building and blending eyeshadow like many of these Euphoria makeup looks, you’ll easily be able to recreate this look with just some eyelash glue and rhinestones. Just dot the glue where you want the rhinestones to go, wait 10 seconds while it gets tacky, and stick your gems on with tweezers.

If you want to recreate the original look to a T, dust a shimmery light pink eyeshadow across your lids and through the crease, add some dew to your cheekbones with a highlight stick, and dab a pinky-nude lipstick on your lips.

13. Kat’s negative-space heart eyeshadow


If you’re looking for a Euphoria makeup look that isn’t so obviously from the show, you’ve gotta try this winged-out pink eye look that actually never made it on screen and only graced makeup artist Alexandra French’s IG. Turns out, the cut-out heart and bold shadow were actually all Ferreira’s idea, French writes in her Instagram caption.

To get the negative space for the heart, pop a heart-shaped sticker on your eyelid wherever you want the heart to go, then swipe a colorful liquid eyeshadow across your lids. Once the eyeshadow has set, peel off the sticker and place a rhinestone in the center. Pro tip: You can also try this look with a mix of shades, like bright yellow, Barbie (heh) pink, deep blue—the choice is yours, bb.

14. Jules’s blue inner-corner ??eye makeup


Yup, this is a blue-eyeshadow stan account now. But if you’re not ready to commit to a full-on blue eyelid, you can try this toned-down version from Jules’s special episode. Pack light-blue eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye with a flat shader brush, then run the brush along your lower lashline. And to make it a true Euphoria makeup look, stick a gemstone in the inner corner for some shine.

15. Maddy’s icy smokey eye


The hardest part about channeling Maddy for Halloween is figuring out which makeup look you want to recreate—because she’s got plenty. This icy smokey eye (created by Davy, and executed by Kirsten Sage Coleman) is one of my personal favorites, thanks to the fact that it combines her signature rhinestones from season one with the prettiest combo of silver and black eyeshadow.

A chunky volumizing mascara on both the top and bottom lashes is non-negotiable for this look, as is a lightweight eyebrow gel and eyelash glue for the face gems. Bonus points for finishing off the look with a legit Euphoria outfit with hella cut-outs, like a dress or pants.

16. Jules’s Halloween look


It doesn’t get more meta than wearing Jules’ Halloween costume for your Halloween costume. To create Jules’ own version of Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet, Davy put together this dreamy setup: glitter eyebrows, gold foil detailing on the temples, and a shimmery, pastel smokey eye. “I wanted to evoke something ethereal + romantic + gothic,” the makeup artist wrote in the Instagram caption

Heads up that you’ll need a steady hand to delicately place gold foil on the outer corners of your eyes (and a dab of lash glue to keep it all in place), plus a good makeup remover when it comes time to take it off. Oh, and don’t forget the glittery eyeshadow—you’ll need lots of it to get Jules’s shimmery look, but it’ll all be worth it.

17. Rue’s glitter tears


Rue definitely has the most understated makeup vibe of the Euphoria bunch, but she nailed glitter tears in season one. And IMO, it makes for the perfect Halloween costume, since it doesn’t require you to get super precise with the application. Basically, the more low-key and imperfect the tears are, the better: “They’re going to be kind of smudgy and unpolished close-up, but they have this amazing, like, emotional quality that just feels like tears,” Davy has told Cosmo.

Pro tip: Although you’re welcome to use any glitter when trying this look yourself, Davy used a glitter gel for Rue’s winter formal makeup look. Gels are super pigmented and tend to stay in place much easier than pressed glitter, Davy explained in an Instagram caption, but it’s best to wear them alone or on top of a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner (i.e., no powder formulas, which don’t usually agree with gels).


18. Kat’s winged eyeliner

You don’t have to go OTT with your Euphoria makeup look, btw. If you’re after something a bit more subtle, try Kat’s cute winged eyeliner. After giving yourself a clean and simple cat eye with black liquid eyeliner, draw a line from the inner corner to the middle of your lower lashline with a fire-red eyeliner to liven things up a bit. A simple red dot under each of your eyes will tie the whole look together.


Oh, and IMO, the vibe isn’t complete without a quick dusting of highlighter and a layer or two of lip gloss (this peachy-nude looks great on Kat, but feel free to go for something warmer or cooler toned—customization is key to nailing this style at home). P.S., If you’ve been debating cutting your own bangs, consider this Euphoria makeup look your sign to maybe, definitely do it.

19. Cassie’s rhinestone look


We could never forget this look from the final episode of season one where Cassie’s absolutely decked-out in rhinestones (like, it’s Euphoria 101). This style—one of Cassie’s boldest looks all season—is basically the jackpot: It’s got a stunning combo of rhinestones, glitter eyeshadow, and super-defined lashes that are anything but subtle. Make sure you’re equipped with a pack of gems and eyelash glue.

My favorite part of this look is how soft and glowy Cassie’s skin looks against the colorful rhinestones. When recreating it, you’ll want to kick things off with a base of foundation, warm blush, and a soft-pink lip (remember: your eye makeup is going to do most of the talking, so the rest of your makeup vibe can be pretty understated).


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