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Trust Me: You Can Still Do Cute Eye Makeup Looks, Even If You Wear Glasses

eye makeup for glasses
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/whyyen, YouTube/sichenmakeupholic

Hey there! I'll let you in on a little secret: As a specs wearer for more than a decade now, eye makeup has always taken a backseat whenever I do my normal makeup routine. I just didn't see a point in it since it would be covered by my frames anyway. Why waste my time and energy, right?

This problem has prevented me from trying out the cute eye makeup looks I would see on my feed... that is until I discovered the power of *colored* eyeliners. Though it took a while before I perfected the technique—curse my hooded lids—I saw how it made my peepers appear larger than life, even while wearing my glasses! This inspired me to explore more of what I can do with my eye makeup game.

eye makeup for glasses: colored eyeliner
Colored eyeliners are my go-to! Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

If you're in the same sitch, I'm here to help you out. Ahead, the best tips and tricks to try to level up your eye makeup game, plus some super helpful video tutorials to watch: 


Eye makeup for glasses: Best tips to try

  1. Curl your lashes.

    Your curler is your best friend if you're a specs wearer who's also into makeup. Applying mascara without curling your lashes is a big no-no since it will just smudge all over the lens. Also, curling them will give the illusion of having larger peepers!

  2. Invest in a good lengthening mascara.

    A good lengthening mascara will do wonders in opening up your eyes and giving your lashes the drama and ~flare~ that they need. Check out our recos here!

  3. Try false eyelashes.

    Not into coating your lashes with layers and layers of mascara? We have an alternative suggestion for you: Try falsies! They're a quick and easy way to fake the illusion of longer lashes without having to deal with clumpy mascara. (Need some help in applying them? Check out our ~life hack~ here.)

  4. Consider colored eyeliner.

    I know black or brown is the default hue for many people, but I urge you to try out colored eyeliners, my friend. Seriously, you won't regret it, LOL! Not only will they make your eyes *pop* from behind your lens, but they also immediately make you look more put-together. (Perfect for tamad girls like me, haha!)

  5. Go for sparkly eyeshadow.

    Who says you can only wear sparkly and glittery eyeshadows during the holiday szn? They have the ability to be seen—even through your lens which make them a must-have for specs wearers, TBH.

  6. Apply nude or white eyeliner on your waterline.

    This is a tip I picked up from Kryz Uy: When applying eyeliner on your waterline, always choose white or nude instead of black. The latter color will only make your eyes appear smaller, while the former ones can make you look more awake.

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Here are some *super helpful* YouTube videos to watch if you're a ~visual~ learner:

Sparkly eyeshadow look

Calm Dreamy Glitter Eyes Tutorial | Easy & Effortless Makeup

Gorgeous curled lashes with minimal eyeshadow


Clean and simple eye makeup look

? Beginner's Guide To Clean Look Makeup For Glasses ?

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