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We Need This Kilay Stencil In Our Lives

Could it be the secret to perfect arches?
PHOTO: Instagram/makeupholic_moon

Nailing your brow game every time is tough. Some days, your brows are all in and 100% cooperative, while some days, they're impossible to groom. However, it seems like your bad brow days can soon come to an end if you use this clever brow stencil that we found on Instagram:


Beauty Blogger makeupholic_mood shared this makeup tutorial showing how she used this weird-looking kilay stencil to fill in her brows, and while we have our doubts about it, we think it’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested in trying out this tip, we recommend using it to outline and shape of your brows. Stay away from filling in your brows completely with the stencil. This way, you’ll be left with natural-looking arches. 

Would you try this brow stencil?

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