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How To *Properly* Do Your Eyebrows, According To A Celebrity MUA

It only takes five steps!
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Knowing how to do your eyebrows that complements your face shape and features is a skill. The wrong technique can age you or make you look angry or mataray. If you're still in the dark on how to properly do your kilay, worry not. Celebrity MUA Albert Kurniawan recently uploaded a video doing a step-by-step tutorial. Keep on reading to be guided:

  1. Shave away any stray hairs.

    Before starting, Albert groomed his kilay using an eyebrow razor. He worked with short strokes to avoid making any mistakes. He recommends having a slight arch (but not too much!) so your expression won't look mataray.

  2. Brush the eyebrow hairs upwards.

    Before filling in your brows, Albert recommended brushing your hairs upwards with a spoolie so you can see where the sparse or bald spots are.

  3. Use a brow pen to mimic hair strokes.

    To make sure your arches look natural and not drawn on, Albert demonstrated using a brow pen to mimic hair strokes. It's also easy to go overboard, so go at it with a light hand. He also drew a few hairs at the beginning of his kilay to bring them closer to his nose. According to him, this gives the illusion of a shorter and pointier nose.

  4. Apply a brow powder on top.

    Albert shared that as an MUA, he always tells his clients that they can't get nice results by just using one product. He went on and applied dark-colored powder to further define the outer part and tail of his eyebrows. He explained that the light bounces off differently from that side of the face, resulting in putol-looking arches. For the beginning of his brows, he chose a lighter shade to create a gradient effect.

  5. Top it off with a brow gel.

    For the finishing touch, Albert recommended using a *colored* brow gel to make the to define the arches. He also advised applying a light-colored matte shadow on the brow bone to make the kilay appear polished and lifted.

Watch Albert's full tutorial here:

SUPER EASY WAY OF DOING KILAY FOR BEGINNERS (Step-by-step Tutorial) | Albert Kurniawan

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