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These Eyeliner Mistakes Are Getting In Your Way Of Scoring Perfect Cat-Eyes

Tugging on the lids is a huge no-no!
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Eyeliner is a wonderful invention—it can give you the illusion of bigger eyes and it makes you look *more* awake. It can, however, be a tricky product to work with. A few misplaced brush strokes and you may end up looking like someone trapped in the MySpace emo era rather than a chic lady like Heart Evangelista.

To help you, we've listed down the common mistakes you could be making when applying eyeliner and how exactly you can fix them:

  1. Choosing the wrong formula.

    A liquid liner can give you a dramatic flick, but it isn't exactly beginner-friendly. It leaves little to no room for errors because it dries down fast. It also has a tendency to smudge, especially if you have hooded lids.

    The fix: Experiment with different formulas! Other than liquid, there are also gel, crayon, and pencil liners. The last one is your best bet if you have shaky hands but you still want to give your eyes some definition.


    Maybelline Eye Studio Crayon Eyeliner, P99, BeautyMNL


  2. Tugging on the lids.

    It can be difficult to draw a straight line on our lids due to the uneven surface area, so we tug on the corner of our peepers when creating a wing. This is a bad habit to keep as the skin around the eyes is thin, causing wrinkles in the long run.

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    The fix: If your eyelid folds are getting in the way of perfect lines, tilt your head while drawing the wing. 

  3. Applying too much on the lower eyelid.

    Lining the lower lid gives a sexy, smoked out gaze, but putting too much on the area can make your eyes appear smaller and panda-like.

    The fix: If you really want to use liner on your lower eyelids, go for bronze or taupe for subtle definition. If you want some color, you can try turquoise or blue to bring out your brown eyes.


    BYS Lustrous Eyeliner Pencil in Turquoise, P199, Lazada


  4. Forgetting to set your eyeliner.

    Eyeliner may seem like one of those makeup products you don't have to set unlike foundation, but if you have oily lids, your hard work will most likely smudge and disappear by midday.

    The fix: After drawing on your liner, set it with an eyeshadow of the same color using a small tapered blending brush.

  5. Using white eyeliner to open up the eyes.

    Another "hack" we learned in the past was to use a white eye pencil on our waterline to "open" up our peepers. While it may seem effective, it also has a tendency to look unnatural because of its stark contrast to your black liner.

    The fix: Exchange your white liner for a nude one. It has the same effect of opening up your eyes but it looks more natural. 


    Sephora Collection Glide Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 06 Creamy Beige, P764, Sephora


  6. Disregarding your eye shape.

    The dramatic eye lewks we see on our Instagram feeds are fun and enticing, but sadly, those IG-famous trends aren't for everyone. (Not all of us have *that* much lid space, okay?)

    The fix: Just like you take into account your face shape when you apply blush and contour, you also need to customize your liner style based on your eye shape. Watch this helpful video to guide you:

    Here's How To Do Your Eyeliner, Based On Your Eye Shape

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