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Here's The New Kilay Trend That Has Everyone Freaking Out

Weird but cool!

LOL. Apparently, people on social media didn't get this makeup artist's sarcastic Instagram post. Last week, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen jokingly told her 50,000+ followers that she's starting a new kilay trend (#FeatherBrows)the Internet, of course, went ~crazy~. 

The photo now has over 40,000 likes, kicking off, according to Teen Vogue, "one of the most brow-raising (no pun intended) beauty trends of late." 

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Instead of filling in your kilay and brushing them up, they're "parted down the middle" to literally look like a feather. And the one product that will make them stick that way? GLUE STICK. Yup, no amount of clear brow gel will nail the look, so Stella opted for old-school glue.

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There's no word yet on how easy or hard it will be to remove, or whether it will damage your brow hairs. What we do know is that...

It looks extra gorgeous on bushy brows.

Apparently, you can get the same effect with the soap brow technique!

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And they look awesome when paired with glittery highlighter!

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